Social Media and Hotel Bloggers To Watch in 2013

Time to start the new year with looking at some of the bloggers that both has added value and will continue to add value to topics that is important for Hotels and Social Media.

I watch a selection of Hotel, hospitality, travel, professional bloggers, non-profit and Social Media bloggers.

Social Media and Hotel Bloggers I will watch in 2013

Hotel Belle by Annie Fitzsimmons is one of the best storytellers in the industry. She believes for the price of a hotel room night, you can become any person you choose. By choosing a hotel carefully, you can become an actor, a writer, a scientist, a CEO, a fashion designer, or disappear completely. I am firm believer in Karma – Annie possess true Hospitality Karma.

Xotels is managed by Patrick Landman. Patrick is my go to person when I want to learn more about Revenue Management. The info on their blog adds value to Hotels of any size.

The Advisor Hotel Blog by Tom Costello is a excellent blog provided by a great professional with an extensive background from the Hospitality Industry. Tom has first-hand experience in hospitality start ups, strategic planning, P&L management, branding, sales, marketing, social media, technology development, channel distribution, and vendor relations.

Ace Hotel/Everything Will Be Ok reinvents hospitality to make something fresh, energized and human. If you want to learn how a futuristic Hotel should be managed then visit Ace Hotel.

Olery develops easy-to-use tools for the hospitality industry that give insight in online reputation and social media by monitoring what is being said online, engaging with guests and measuring performance.

Hotel Managers Group Blog is willing to provide creative solutions for hotel owners who are willing to “take the next step”. That next step may be a simple diagnostic review of operations, marketing, and accounting at the property level to determine where the hotel is positioned with respect to competition and what strategies should be implemented to increase market share.

Jeff Bullas Blog focus is to assist business in “Getting Found Online” in a digital world and making your company successful.

Neal Schaffer works With businesses of all sizes through his company Windmills Marketing, where he personally provides social media audit & strategy consulting as well as social media coaching, speaking, and training services.

Life Is Suite is delivered by my friends at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurant.

Frederic Gonzalo Speaker, blogger and consultant, specializing in marketing, social media and etourism.

The Broadmoor Blog is great celebration of a luxury life style. I love their tasty presentations. Great way to connect and collaborate with your customers.

The Standard Culture is presented by our friends at The Standard Hotels. Now here is both their blog and Hotel Website really worth a visit. This most definitive is a great representation of next generation Hospitality.

Top Hotel Projects is engaged in the global research of hotel b2b data. Discover online database for all premium hotel construction & development projects around the world including the involved companies and respective contact person.

Social Hotel Guy The “Social Hotel Guy” is James Bennett, CHA, a lifetime hotelier with over 25 years in the industry, social media advocate and all around hotel geek!

Social Media and Hotel Bloggers I watched in 2012

Derek Halpern has really provided a great touch on How to bring quality traffic to your blog at

My friends Becky McCray and Sheila Scarborough, the co-founders Tourism Currents will continue to add some great value to some of the important Touch Point services that will help Hotels bring new market segments utilize their products and services.

Barb Youchah is the Sales & Internet Marketing Manager that manage the Sheraton Eatontown Hotel blog. This is a great example of how Hotels can communicate and engage with their guests.

Heather Turner aka Chef Forfeng is my goto person for Bed & Breakfast info. I grew up visiting Bed & Breakfast places in Northern Europe. Brings back some great memories. Bed & Breakfast is a important part of the cultural love I have for my Hotel Family.

I you want learn about the real value of Business to Business prospecting then you should follow one of my mentors Viveka Von Rosen.

My good friend Caroline Cooper is a Hotel business and leadership coach that will help any Hotelier move from ordinary to extraordinary. She is also one of the industry experts at Hotel Industry News.

Alain Classe is the IT Manager at InterContinental, Geneva which provides an Insider Look and best practices from the Hotel’s World.

Lewis Howes puts the P in Passion. I have taken several of the Social Media training courses Lewis has offered. This has allowed me to move my own blog foundation to the next level. Lewis just rocks!

Luxe Tiffany is regional hotel inspector for an international luxury hotel guide reviewing the most stylish hotels and resorts in North America and the Caribbean.

Social Hospitality is managed by a true Hospitality Passionate – Debbie Miller.

My good friend Dee O’Horan is a master of the Concierge Trade, and she manage Charmcity Advisor.

Michael Hraba from Hraba Hospitality Consulting rants and provide some joyful insight from the daily life of a Hotelier.

My friend Amy Dunn Bair provide some great Hospitality IT and Tech solution info on her blog at Business Process Excellence. is managed by John Hogan. Here you will find some of the best insider information available on the Net.

iVisitorGuide is managed by Martin Collins. Martin provide some of the most insightful info that add great value to Touch Points that enhance the Hotel Guest Experience.

WIHP is a professional Online Marketing Service for Hotels. My good friend Martin Soler provide some brillant Infographics for the Hotel Industry.

Hotel Compete, ehotelier, 4Hoteliers, Hotelmarketing, Hotel News Now, Hotel News Resource, Big Hospitality, Hospitality Net, Business Travel News – Lodging, Hotel Interactive all is great industry blogs that provide valuable insight.

Social Media and Hotel Bloggers I watched in 2011

Marriott on the move from the pen of Bill Marriot. We Are Always Listening illustrate really well the importance of Social Interaction as a key element building Brand Equity.

Roger Smith Life, the Life of a New York Hotel leave some really unique Social Footprints.

joie of life brings in the elements of joy, fun and excitement. Great storytelling is one of the key elements to Social Hospitality. Chip Conley and his team do this in a brilliant way.

Travel Blog – Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique & Luxury Hotel provides the element of flexibility. This is really great example of how to think outside the box. I truly enjoy how to they utilize Social Media to speak to their consumers. Inside London #3: sensational cabaret show La Soirée troupes into town is a great example when Off-topic becomes On-topic.

citizenM represent innovations. This shows a unique way to build your whole Hotel presentation around your blog. Great way to utilize Social Listening Outpost to keep your consumers at your Hotel website.

HotelChatter is dedicated to covering everything related to hotels and lodging around the world, they cover hotel deals and reviews, which celebrities are staying where, hotel industry news, tips for booking online, the hotels you should stay away from, the hotels you should book, and more.

Hotel Marketing Strategies focus on new media and technology for better guest experiences. Josiah Mackenzie and Katie Clapp share valuable information that Hoteliers can utilize to build Brand Equity.

Daniel Edward Craig has truly walked all the steps of the Hotel Success Latter. He is also a vivid author. He is now showing consumers the lighter side of hotels. His new blog you can find at Reknown.

Happy Hotelier aka Guido vanden Elshout is a happy doorman, bellman, concierge, front desk agent, technology engineer, limo driver, valet parking attendant, city guide, Sargent at Arms and photographer at wedding ceremonies, cleaning boy, gardener, pond- and central heating technician, personal assistant, butler, cook, designer, developer and owner of a small and very luxurious Hotel in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Hotel Blogs – Let’s talk about hotels – Guillaume Thevenot works for TripAdvisor, but his writing focus on travel communities, exchange of hotel tips, customized destination guides, share of photos and videos, guest reviews, interaction between travelers and suppliers.

My Hotel Geek Isabelle Houle blog about premium hotels development and acquisition, historic restorations and the next generation of hotels in key city and resort destinations.

Mitaroy Goa Hotel Mihir Nayak provides love, passion, value and care in a great way. Building your Hotels presentation works great when you have a clear vision.

Hotel Check-In Barbara De Lollis gives great insight on hotels and travel developments.

Eyefortravel provide some of the best Hospitality Industry information. I really enjoy their information and the great value they provide. Plus they arrange some of the best events in the Hospitality Industry also.

Everything Everwhere comes from the Travel Wiz Gary Arndt. Gary runs one of the top notch Traveling blogs.

Kikolani is a Blog Marketing platform from Kristi Hines. Kristi provides tremendous value with a truly unique touch. We will see some great things coming from Kristi in 2011.

NittyGriddy is a fun Social Media Journal from my friend Ingrid Abboud. I just really enjoy her style. Ingrid shows how you can take advantage of Social Media and really enjoy it.

Denise Wakeman is just a blessing to the blog community. Her training is the most hands on training I have taken. She is the Queen of Online Visibility.

Danny Brown is a true Social philanthropist.

Naomi Trower provide us with brilliant info on How to utilize Social Media for Real Estate.

Amy Porterfield is Social Media Examiners community manager at Facebook. This wonderful gal has worked for Harley Davidson and Antony Robbins. Talk about great credentials.

Charity How To provides great value for non-profit organisations.

Me and my wife supports Mississippi that take care of abounded and abused horses. Make sure you take some time to show some Goodwill in 2011.

Social Media and Hotel Bloggers I watched in 2010

John Haydon advises non-profits and small businesses how to implement inbound marketing strategies with the social web. He is one great mentor and coach helping you to optimize your blog.

Michael Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner. Here you will get one of the best guides through the Social Media Jungle.

Mari Smith is the go-to person for Facebook. I once called her Mari ‘In The Box’. Because every time she puts on an article she pops up and surprise you with her quality insight. Do not miss her info.

Rebecca Leaman has found the key between Social Media and non-profit organizations.

Chris Garrett is a blogging and internet marketing consultant. Chris has written a couple of great books on blogging. He is co-author on ‘Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income’.

Darren Rowse is a pro-blogger that blogs about blogging. Plus he provide a great Twitter tips blog at TwiTip. He information is just a must if you are serious about become more then just a ‘wanna-be’ blogger.

Brian Clark provide some of the best information on content strategies and copywriting skills. I had the pleasure to meet Brian at Izeafest. He also provide great insight on Social Media networking.

Chris Brogan advises businesses, organizations, and individuals on how to use social media and social networks to build relationships and deliver value. If you never have experienced Chris when he speaks I highly recommend it. Just be prepared to burn out your pen.. because he deliver value in almost every word that comes out. Chris is also author of the book ‘Trust Agents’.

Nathan Hangen is really one of the up and coming bloggers. And he provide great value both on Twitter and blogging. Nathan has built himself a great reputation through several guest post. I really admire Nathan for some of the great things he have been able to achieve true his determination.

David Risley is a professional blogger that in my opinion has some of the best blogging training on the net. And David is really blunt with you and tells it as it is. He don’t sugar coat it.

Ching Ya is a blogger that provide great Facebook insight, and has understood the true meaning of info-sharing. Also a great friend, and that will do everything to help you succeed.

Are Morch – no reason to be shy and not mention myself. Are is a Hotel Blogger with focus on changing attitudes, having fun, making your day and being present.

If you have some bloggers you would like to suggest to me, including yourself. Feel free to do so. Make sure you provide me with the blog link so I can check it out.

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