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I'm an entrepreneurial Hotelier, writer, blogger, digital strategist, and a Hotel Social Media Consultant with focus on Hotels and Resorts. Coming from a strong background in IT, customer service, and Hotel management; I provide a unique service for Hotels and Resorts to reach their customers on a whole new level, through Social Media.

Discover Innovative Hospitality Lead Generation Secrets

By | July 3rd, 2017|

Understandably, your Hotel want bookings. But booking conversion can take time when facing to new prospects. We can target and reach recipients that fit the profile we want, but they don’t necessarily know about you [...]

Online Hotel Marketing Solutions During the Off Season

By | June 27th, 2017|

Many Hotels have a stunning, highly desirable location that draws travelers from multiple countries to their rooms and suites each year, but the unfortunate reality is that many popular locations have a peak season and [...]

Hotel Website Performance Guide to Improve User Experience

By | June 20th, 2017|

User experience is everything when it comes to increase direct bookings on your Hotel website. A good user experience cuts down on booking abandonments thereby increasing your hotel’s profitability. A positive user experience comes down [...]

How To Look Awesome and Crush Online Hotel Reviews

By | June 14th, 2017|

Many Hotels dreads the pesky online Hotel reviews. A positive reputation is one of the most powerful marketing assets a Hotel must convince new customers to contact them. The social proof contained within reviews and [...]

Top 15 Social Media Tools for Hotels

By | June 12th, 2017|

Through Social Media, your Hotels customers today have got easy access to Social Media tools and information that amplify their voice. The question often is does Hotels take the time to really listen to the [...]

Hospitality Marketing Ideas to Make Guests a Promoter of your Brand

By | June 6th, 2017|

The Hospitality industry consists of four main sectors. These include lodging, food and beverage, recreation, and travel and tourism. It is a very competitive industry, and those businesses in it need to get maximum value [...]

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