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Why Social Selling Matters for Hotels

Why Social Selling Matters for Hotels Social Selling is the process of converting customers into Experience Ambassadors. Traditionally Hotels has brought the Customer to the Experience, with Social Media Hotels now has to bring the Experience to the Customer. Today the Social Selling process is effected by Experience Reference Points. Listening Outposts One of the… Continue Reading

The Nimble Way to Build effective Hotel Business Relationships

nimble – Quick, light, or agile in movement or action (Disclaimer: I am a partner with nimble) Time to drop Fears, and get onboard 2014 is the year Social Media is no longer a “Should Have” it will become a “Must Have”. As a result of this change I will help your Hotel to prepare… Continue Reading

3 Surprising ways Relationship Marketing will Rock your Hotels Social Media ROI

What is really Social Media Relationships? I have previously talked about the paradigm shift Relationship Marketing Strategies can provide for Hotel Bookings. Many Hotels has thousands of followers, friends, likes, connections or +1’s. But this is not equal to having thousands of customers. Most of the Social Media relationships is more of the casual types.… Continue Reading

How to Collect Useful Customer Feedback Through Social Media

These days, when people have something to say about your hotel, they’re probably not going to fill out a comment card and drop it in the lobby suggestion box. Instead, they’re going to take to social media and tell the world what you did right or wrong during their visit. Social media is here to… Continue Reading

How To Capture Hotel Social Media Customers For Life

The Magic of Hotel Reference Points Getting the customer to book a room, and then check in to a Hotel room is one of the most basic goals for every Hotel. Most Hotel Marketing strategies is typically addressing focused on Front-End services. But the real revenue for Hotels lays in the Back-End services. It is… Continue Reading

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