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How to Boost Your Hotels Revenue Using Social Media

How to Boost Your Hotels Revenue Using Social Media Chances are the first impression of your hotel has already been made on a potential guest before you ever had the chance to tell them how great you are. If you don’t tap in to the power of social media and engaging with your guests, you’ll… Continue Reading

The Shocking Truth About Hotel Social Media ROI

No Booking Conversions With Social Media Most studies and surveys that has been done verify that Social Media has thrived engagement, but booking engines on the Hotels Facebook Page has show mixed results. *NOTE* Facebook is the only Social Network at this moment provide that the option for a booking portal. From the other Social… Continue Reading

Why Social Media ROI is so Complicated for Hotels

In my article on Touch Points I mention that traditionally Hotels manage their Touch Points in different areas such as marketing, distribution, communication, customer service, public relations, investor relations or human resources. With Social Media you add Networking, Listen, Predict, Engage and Convert. Why does these elements make ROI so complicated for Hotels? Social Media… Continue Reading

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