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Twitter Your Hotels Customer Service Channel

Twitter Customer Service Channel

Twitter Your Hotels Customer Service Channel

I had some friends in my Network that recently raised some concerns in relationship to their Hotel Experience. My friends shared similar stories where the Hotel has missed out on some great opportunities to regain themselves.

Learn how your Hotel can use Twitter as an Customer Service Channel and leave a lasting Impact with your guests.

1. Your Twitter Mirror

Be a reflection of the Hotel Experience you want your Customer to have.

Thte Standard Culture represent a thought provocative Hotel Shift. It brings the Customer Experience to a new Level. It is like The Matrix of Hotels.
Have your Hotel created a Calendar from your Guests feedback? Maybe your Hotel will create a new Tweet Style?

2. Go for Tweet Touchdown

Your Hotels Twitter Impacts comes from a Collaborative effort.

Set up the play.

How many plays will it take for a Tweet Touchdown?

@StarWoodBuzz Twitter team is winning the TweetBowl. They have a built a Relationship Platform that Surprise and Delight. Will your Hotel do the same?

3. How to handle a Concern within 140 Characters

Listen – Respond – Act

If a Hotel Guest raise a concern through Twitter, then provide the appropriate response also through Twitter. @StarWoodBuzz shows us here how it can be done.

Always start with follow the guest, and then provide a proper request to follow your Hotel on Twitter. This way you can share information via Twitter Direct Messaging.

4. Enjoy the ride

When you Listen, Respond and Act then your Guest will share their experiences with their Network. Then you have to be able to be Receptive.

Interested in learning Social Network Handshake Tips for your Hotel that will generate a new electrifying experience? Then sign up below here.

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