What makes or breaks a business is a customer. However well planned, well laid out and executed a business idea might be, if the customer goes back unhappy then keeping your business afloat becomes an uphill task. Let’s have a look at ideas that can help you keep your customers happy.

1. Keep an exhaustive collection of your product:

Whatever you choose to sell, make sure that your shop has an exhaustive collection of the product range. This ensures that the customer is not forced to go to the competitor’s shop for lack of variety or options. Making the shop a one stop shop helps pull in customers as in today’s busy lives people do not have time to go from one shop to another.

2. Concentrate on quality:

This is the simplest way of keeping your customers happy, satisfied as well as loyal. The moment one starts compromising on quality to raise their profits; unknowingly they are setting themselves up for customer loss ultimately leading to failure. As long as a customer is offered great quality of work or product at a shop, they will happily pay a little extra for it.

3. Do not try to take the customer for a ride

Gone are the days when one would have a monopoly in the market and they could charge the customer according to their whims and fancies. With umpteen competitions online as well as offline, ensuring you charge the customer fairly at reasonable profits will work in favor of the business. This will also ensure the customer comes back again and again, secure in the knowledge that he or she will not be ripped.

4. Be attentive and interested in the needs of the customer:

Once a customer is in your business, you must understand what they specifically need. Then you must cater to their demands and wishes as this goes a long way in making a business successful. Half-heartedly hearing the customer will make you lose customers rather than expand your customer base.

5. Develop a personal relation with your customer:

Whether you have a business big or small, you must nurture personal relationships with your customers as this will help build a strong case for your work. Greeting customers with a friendly smile, attending to them personally, understanding their need and providing to the point solutions, making small talk; all of these ensure a happy customer loyal to your business for life.

6. Be open to suggestions and ideas from customers:

Everyone has their style of working and every individual comes with their thoughts and ideas. Some customers are used to giving advice, ideas, and suggestions even if they are not asked for. Rather than getting annoyed and angry with such people, it is advisable to graciously listen to them. To follow the suggestions or not is completely at your discretion. Also one never knows someone might unknowingly dispense out very useful advice for you and your business.

7. Mind your language and tone during a conversation:

The casual way one speaks with friends and family is not how one is expected to talk when dealing with customers. Make sure your tone is at its politest and your language in any expletives as this is very crucial to people coming back to deal with you. Sometimes a potential customer can be scared off if they hear you talking to someone else rudely.

8. Customer is always right:

One comes across all sorts of people in their workplace. Some are rational and might genuinely have a problem, and then some are ready to find fault irrespective of the fact there might not be an issue present. In both cases, a simple thing to keep in mind is that the “Customer is always right”. Making sure you calmly try to find a solution to the problem and not raise your voice or come to verbal or physical blows is very important for keeping your customer happy.

9. Take criticism constructively:

Anybody finding fault with your work is always very difficult to take. If you make sure that whatever criticism comes your way, you are going to take it positively and work on it for the betterment of your business, it is guaranteed that you will never lose your customers. Not only will they be loyal to you, but they will also spread a good word about your establishment giving you free publicity and a better customer base.

10. After sales service will save you:

Selling your product or service is important, but providing good after-sales service to the customer is vital to the long and prosperous continuation of your business. If a happy customer goes sour due to bad after-sales service, not only will you lose this customer, but a lot many potential customers due to a bad word of mouth.

The tips are simple and quite easy to incorporate on a day-to-day basis. Not only will you have a very vast and happy customer base, but keeping them happy will also keep you in good spirits!

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