With Hotel Collaboration Projects my goals are to seek out partners that add unique value to Social Network Reference Points for Hotels.

The ability to track and monitor Customer Patterns is for me a key factor to achieve Social Media success for Hotels.

My friends at interstack provide solutions supported by Cloud Technology. Cloud Technology is the future for the Hotel Industry, and will help cut costs when it comes to investments in crucial Software Solutions.

When Hotels focus on Twitter Customer Value Proposition they have to look for customers that are inadequately served by their existing Twitter Strategy. There are three categories Hotels types of customers Hotels should focus on:

  • Soon-to-be – customer is dissatisfied and ready jump ship
  • Refusing – customer has chosen against your Hotels offers
  • Unexplored – customers is located in distant markets

1. Value Proposition

The Hotels promise to deliver on a particular combination of values – price, quality, performance, selection, and convenience.

Strategic key points implemented from interstack:

  • Increase brand equity through integrated smart phone, tablet and online cross promotion activity
  • Manage information and metrics to measure customer satisfaction and brand reputation
  • Increase email capture to further your outbound marketing strategy
  • Easily integrate with Social Network platforms
  • Promote operation success; respond quickly to concerns

2. Reward Loyal Fans and capture feedback in real time

Branded Smart Phone or tablet solutions that allow you to capture new customer patterns.

And build a creative local solution that easily allows you to reward loyal Hotel Fans.

3. Analyze and measure customer feedback

Hotels need a Social Network Strategy that goes beyond your followers, tweets, retweets, and lists. Identifying valuable sentiments is the key measurement points for customer patterns.

4. Identify trends as they happen

Hotels will have unique access to trends as they evolve. Creative usage of Twitter allows Hotels to identify new unique Customer Reference Points. Just check out @SolWaveHouse, and learn how their virtual community #SocialWave is part of new Hotel Trend.

5. Reputation Management

The ability to track and measure the impact customer feedback has on your Hotel is a major key Social Network success factor.

6. Take Action that lead to Retention

Make sure you apply Simple Call To Action elements on your Hotel Website.

7. Customer Experience the Social Que

Collaboration and Networking on levels that integrate customers, employees, leadership, and decision-makers.

  • 81% of companies with strong capabilities and competencies for delivering customer experiences are outperforming their competition
  • For every customer complaint, 26 other customers have remained silent (for every 10 complaints, there are 270 negative experiences)
  • Even in a negative economy, customer experience is a high priority for consumers, with 60% often or always paying more for a better experience

8. ROI with Twitter Business account

Ask followers which holiday products or services they want to see more of, then reply.

Count down to Special Occasions by offering Twitter-only sales to entice followers.

Share photos of your Hotel giving back to the community during the season.

Create 6-second Vine videos with how-to content and to reveal new products.

Promote a community event or joint offer with Hotel partners leading up to Hotel Networking Saturday.

Do even more with Twitter Ads to expand your community of followers then amplify your Tweets to extend beyond current followers to reach more customers.

9. Cloud is where you capture Generation Y Customers

Cost Management is not only a Team Effort, but it is also a Network Effort.

10. Social Network Pattern the Secret Indigence

The Hotel Industry has for generations used various tools and methods to identify customers needs and wants. Next Generations tools are taking it one step farther with identifying patterns.

What if your Hotel could deliver a new unique Customer Experience before the customer knew it was available?

Then request a different Hotel Experience

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