12 Things about Hotel Management Performers That will make you Excited

Becoming a great Hotel Management Performer is not a static process, but a very dynamic process. It is an ongoing never-ending improving task.

Learning is a journey we start the day we are born. Leaders must be learners. They should challenge themselves and always bring new knowledge to the table.

Start to ask what is the most recent thing you learned. And then you ask your team members the same. Curiosity is the foundation of a great team.

1. They start with themselves

Truly great Hospitality Performers understand themselves well, and they understand their dream.

They identify their values and they align their business and personal values. This provides a clear vision of what they want and how to lead.

Great Hotel leaders know themselves well enough to refuse to compromise their values.

2. Know their true passion

A great Hotel leader aligns its true passion with their values. They build a momentum that makes it easy for their team to anticipate and follow their next move.

Passionate leaders spread passion to others through their love of life, doing new things, taking risks, being motivated, having a sense of urgency, and reinventing the self.

3. Repeat themselves

A great Hotel leader doesn’t assume but rather gather all the information to assure that everyone on the team is moving in the same direction.

One of the biggest reasons employees doesn’t follow the same directions lays in miscommunication.

Repetition is not your enemy, but your friend.

4. They Walk the Walk as well as Talk the Talk

No Hotel Leader is the same. Whatever your leadership style is you should believe in yourself, believe in your ideas, and believe in your team. No leader can be successful without great people to lead.

The trick is in striking the right balance between empowering your team and being an example for them to follow. No great leader is afraid of getting their hands dirty and innovate personally.

5. Encourage employee of the moment

We all will make mistakes at one point or another. Great leaders emphasize the little things and address the everyday concerns or problems that come up. They enable the team to pay attention to details. In combination with an empowered team, the likelihood of team members makes the right call will increase.

6. They handle the Art of Hospitality

To me, Hospitality is Art. It is like the painter that uses a combination of colors to create a picture. And we all will have a different perspective of how we view the finished product. The key is to bring out the commonalities that tell us that this is an experience we want to share with others.

They know when to be firm and committed to any situation that will occur. And they act as a leader in front of the team when the situation calls for it. They know that accountability is all about respecting the team’s primary roles.

Any correctives are done in a manner that sends a signal that they care about the mission and the team.

7. Never give up

Either as leaders or team members, we will experience failures, adversities and run into roadblocks on our journey.

If you don’t experience failures, adversities or run into roadblocks you are not trying hard enough. Great leaders know their weakness and will hire people that strengthen this for them.

They know how to take imperfect actions with a team that will pull it all together like an orchestra that plays a beautiful symphony. The guest never experiences the fine-tuning that takes place when everyone is in sync.

When you or your team members are out of sync guests will let you know. Great leaders take some steps backward to take a new fresh look at the situation that has occurred. And they take swift action that benefits the guest and the team.

8. Great listeners

One key to a great leader is to be a great communicator. Great communicators engage, and this requires listening. Start with seeking to understand. Communication today touch on a multitude of channels.

Listen to your guests, competitors, your team, and to those that care about you. Ask people how you can become a better leader and then LISTEN.

9. Happiness is contagious

Great leaders close the Happiness Loop. There have been conducted several studies on the connection between happiness and productivity.

Often it was very simple things that were introduced like some sweets or watch a funny video. This made participants happier and their performance increased 10-12 percent.

The studies showed also clear connections between stress, low productivity, and reduced job satisfaction.

One of the most interesting results from some of the studies showed that more happiness will not result in more distraction. Something as simple as giving your team a task of writing down three things they are grateful for every day for 21 days in a row will significantly increase their optimism and happiness.

10. Have fun

Your team will look at you how to act. A great leader has fun. The energy and enthusiasm generated by the leader will have an immediate impact on the team.

Great teams like Zappos introduced the fun and weirdness factor to the world of business. Fun and weirdness are today among some of their core values.

Don’t be boring, start adds some fun and weirdness to your team. Combine this with your team’s service values.

11. Be humble

Recognize that challenges and changes will occur. Celebrate team success, and embrace employee moments.

Do your contributions to the tasks at hand, and then step back. Humility is to create space for team members to contribute. Without humility, no one will learn.

12. Be a Social Leader

For much Social Media is still a challenge they deal with daily. Hotel leaders also embrace hospitality daily. Some of the core values of Hospitality is represented in communication, engagement, relationship, servant, relationship and trust.

A strong relationship allows the leader and the team to accomplish important daily hospitality tasks.

Social Media is not very different from this. Some of the difference are the various tools, communication channels, and speed of conversations. Consumers today feel that are in the driver seat due to the easy access to information.

A great Social leader embraces this shift to meet new demands from consumers and guests. It all about revisits all the points made here, and start with yourself first. A great leader will change and adapt, and will then empower their team to follow their lead.

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