Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels is not a linear template anymore, it is a dynamic circular event that meets the customers of the moment’s needs and wants.

This principle focuses on three key components that will keep your Hotels dynamic circular events roll in the right direction. Even with this process we sometimes have to roll back to analyze processes that did not meet our goals.


With your Hotel dynamic circular event, you need to keep the big picture in your mind. The two most common mistake done here is;
a) Your Hotel doesn’t have the big picture of Digital Marketing Strategy
b) Your Hotel has an unnecessarily complicated picture of Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing has all the details and information you want.

If you don’t have a map telling you where to go you will get lost every time. And if you map down every single detail you will also get lost every time.

Think about a vehicle that is a very complex technical instrument. But to bring us from point A to point B there are just a few simple functions we need to keep track of. Sorting your knowledge in boxes can be helpful. I use my car for business which means I need to add a few boxes beside assuring I know the basic functions of my car. Since I am no expert on cars I will seek help regularly.

Just like I have a strategy for my car in the same way your Hotel need a Digital Marketing Strategy that will take your Hotel to the next level. And asking someone to help you with your Digital Marketing Strategy is part of the strategy.

Question 1: Where do I need to go?

You need to create a map that shows where you are today compared to where you want to be in the future.

Now, remember when you create a Digital Marketing Strategy you want to answer important questions that your Hotels Owners might have. And traditionally we know Hotel Owners primary concerns are related to Occupancy and Revenue. So you want to tie your answers here up to financial goals.

Suppose your Hotel has an annual Revenue from your Hotels current Digital Marketing Strategies of $200,000 and want to increase that to $300,000 within next year. This brings your gross revenue gap to $100,000. So we need a Digital Marketing Strategy that will close this gap.


The focus is on what adds meat to your Vision. This is where we start to describe the steps that will take your Hotel from one side of the gap to the other side.

This process is implemented in a Revenue Plan. Here you list all of your Hotels products and services that are provided. Then you multiply each by the price charged. And then you each unit and multiply with how many of each unit you expect to sell in the period. The amount here should match your gross revenue gap. If it doesn’t match, then you need to make adjustments.

As a result of the dynamic circular event, you will return to this process regularly.

Question 2: What will get you there?

You need to focus on the big picture and see which handful of actions are critical to your success. Analyzing important metrics over and over again is crucial to your Hotels success.


You got the map, and you have the down the directions that will bring you from A to B. Now you need to make it happen.

The two first processes here don’t differ much from what most Hotels already should know. With the third process, we choose the most appropriate strategies, channels, techniques, tactics, and tools for getting the message to your Hotels Ideal Customer.

This is where the Sales Process comes into play. With Social Media, our Digital Marketing Strategy will focus on 3 key action points to close the deal, retain the deal and refer the deal.

a) Close the deal

With Social Media, you must use the channels that allow you to identify your ideal customers, and generate new leads.

b) Retain the deal

One of the main keys to retaining customers with Social Media is that your Hotel has to participate and be active in your Customers Social Media Communities.

c) Refer the deal

If Hotels understand the eco-system of customers Social Media Communities then will start experience your customers will fill up the gross revenue gap by being key players within these 3 key action points.

Question 3: How will you accomplish that?

Have your Hotel take all the necessary steps to get a simple Digital Marketing Strategy in place?


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