3 Things That a Minimalist Camping Trip and Attending a Music Festival Have In Common

Minimalist camping is one of the most amazing experiences that can teach you how to survive in the natural environment without modern conveniences that you would ordinarily have. These days even camping paraphernalia is becoming so sophisticated that it is almost the equivalent of having the luxuries of your home, albeit in a portable version.

Minimalist camping as such is more about having a specific mindset to only carry exactly what you need and not a thing more when going on a camping trip. This minimalist mentality can be very useful to someone who wants to make the best out of a music festival that they want to attend.

Parallels can be drawn because, during a music festival, you want to have just enough conveniences, not to be held back from enjoying yourself, but enough to ensure that you have what you need to enjoy yourself.

You don’t want to overpack or under pack when attending a rock festival or EDM concert for that matter. It is recommended that you go through the Eventraveler guide on EDM festival to find out more about what you will need for such a festival.

Below are some of the things that you should have in mind for a minimalist mindset to prepare for a rock or EDM festival.

1. The smaller the bag, the better for everyone

First of all, as mentioned earlier, it’s important to be equipped and has what you need, but you don’t want to have too much to impede your fun. As such it is important to find out the exact nature of the festival including how long the event will take, the number of different artists that will perform, if food is available, if tents are available for rent, etc.

At the same time, it is important to limit the size of the bag that you should carry that will make having access to the right amount of stuff convenient for you.

2. Adapt to the environment and focus only on music and fun

Secondly, it is important to quickly study and adapt to the environment that you are in so that you can focus more on having fun which is your primary goal at the concert or festival.

Another example is, if you don’t have cooking utensils and you want to cook some food, you could make use of a tin that carries some beans or ground nuts to heat some food. The important thing is to have your wits and think fast and out of the box.

3. Have the right mindset and discover what you are made out of

When camping, if you go out with the mindset that you are depriving yourself of comforts and luxuries, you are not bound to enjoy yourself. Similarly, if you attend a music festival without focusing on enjoying and having fun at the event you are unlikely to have fun. Don’t let other people’s actions or insecurities about you get in the way of having a great experience.


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Helen D. Legette loves attending live music gigs and is also a camping expert with 16 years of experience as a wildlife safaris tour guide. Visit her website for more information.

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