Are you ready for some new Hot Interruptive Marketing Trends that Can be a Game Changer for Hotels in 2019?

With outbound marketing, Hotel marketers are often expected to find different ways to cope with the rejections from potential customers.

Interrupt marketing, sometimes referred to as interruptive marketing, is the traditional model of product promotion, in which people have to stop what they’re doing to pay attention to the marketing message or deal with it in some other way.

Examples of interruptive marketing include:

  • Telemarketing calls.
  • Mail campaigns.
  • Email campaigns
  • Television and radio ads
  • Interstitial and transitional online ads that interrupt or delay the user’s selected content
  • Pre-roll ads that play before video content

The continued rise of artificial intelligence and cloud-based computing, new developments in the internet of things, conversational platforms, native advertisement, voice assistant, customer experience and other areas is challenging the traditional interruptive marketing for Hotels.

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Native Ads a new dimension for Hotels

Data is a Hotel marketers’ best friend. With data, you have an opportunity to analytically approach your Social Media advertising campaign and spend money only when it’s profitable.

Better advertisement refinement will certainly be very important for Hotels in 2019.

Native Ads puts the digital user experience at the center. We know that traditional advertisements tend to annoy customers.

This is why it will become very important for Hotels to adapt to native ad experiences. This type of advertisement models the customer’s pattern and behavior. And is allowing for meaningful segmentation and targeting of messages based on data, and look-alike audience.

With new technology and innovations, Hotels now has some unique opportunities to offer high-impact, non-intrusive advertisements.

Voice recognition – making memories not stress

Voice recognition as part of the customer experience is already a reality.

Amazon has already introduced Alexa for Hospitality.

Many Hotels has already been exploring how to use voice-enabling technology. Online Travel Agencies has also been exploring this option. ‘Alexa ask KAYAK’ is an alternative available for the modern traveler that is seeking new alternative ways to book their journeys.

Amazon says that soon, users will be able to temporarily link their own Amazon account with Echo that is running Alexa for Hospitality. That way you’ll have access to your music subscription from Amazon Music or Spotify or your audiobooks from Audible.

One of the key intentions behind Alexa for Hospitality is to remove stress and inconveniences for travelers.

For Hotels, this provides a unique alternative to help simplify some of the time-consuming tasks customers and guests experience. And at the innovations provide new opportunities to assist travelers in creating timeless memories.

Artificial Intelligence the next disruptive customer experience trend

A Hotel that position and prepare themselves for this is opening their palms to tap into new uncontested Social Media Audiences, without breaking the budget.

Research shows that Artificial Intelligence will be the most disruptive advanced technologies over the next decade.

This will open a new world for Hotels with access to the almost near-endless amount of data and advance in deep learning technology.

My friends at Avvio did a research showing us how Artificial Intelligence will impact Hotels, staff, and guests.

Deep learning technology will enable Hotels to overcome common barriers such as skills, standardization, and complexity.

To serve customers better and create superior guests experience, it is vital to first gather most knowledge about customers. The more personally you know your customer, the more you will be able to exceed their expectations.

The most relevant and effective alternative for Hotels to start with is Chatbots.

Connect your Hotel to Chatbot platform will become an effective way to deliver personalized services to your guests around their preferences, customized room bookings and more.

By leveraging breakthrough technologies and machine learning provides Hotels with a great opportunity to make conversations feel more human.

Humanness, transparency, security, trust, and relationships will play a major role in how modern travelers will interpret your Hotel.

Brands like IBM is working hard to help Hotels deliver new and more effective cognitive experiences with new innovate chatbot solutions.

And with the help of new advanced technology Hotels is in position create a unique tailored personalized experience.

Hotel & Spa Tech Live is Europe’s leading event for the technology, systems, products, and services that are breaking new ground in the hotel and spa sector. The event takes place on the 25th & 26th of September 2018 at ExCeL, London. Register for your free ticket NOW here.

Blockchain making Hotels competitive again

Now I will be upfront here Blockchain has kind of suffered a good it for being overhyped. It has been introducing as the next solution for pretty much everything.

As Hoteliers, we need to take a bit soberer approach to this technology.

The key to making Blockchain successful is not very unlike what we see with Social Media. Starting with a premise that Blockchain is like any other technology, a tool in your Hotel toolbox.

When you understand the potential of what Blockchain can do for your Hotel then it is easier to set out more effective frameworks.

Blockchain is, without doubt, a disruptive technology that will tap into highly competitive and ‘protected’ areas. And it prompts some changes in financial systems that might worry banks.

Adopting the blockchain platform as a means of distribution is expected to lower the costs Hotels endure directly and indirectly. But switching from the current system and traditional distribution channels is another challenge that lies ahead of Hotel management teams.

Hotels looking to adapt to Blockchain technology will face some dramatic shifts. They will need to hire a new ream of technicians, experts with new skillsets to operate this new technology.

For many Hotels experience very tough competition from Online Travel Agencies and new players like Airbnb.

In today existing distribution Hotel networks are made up of players with centralized property management systems. Many of these services rely on outdated technology that relay information between Hotel systems and distributor’s database.

As a result of blockchain technology, new networks are developed that connect Hotel systems directly to third parties, making the exchange of information between Hotels and the ecosystems of products around them effortless. The intentions are to lower the barriers for Hotels to enter into the technology space.

Once new blockchain technology is proving that it is capable of working with existing Hotel systems, it will be opened to new networks for third parties to build on top of it.

The development of Blockchain looks more exciting for Hotels in 2019 and will be a driver of important shifts in the industry.

As cryptocurrency becomes more legitimate, a new question emerges “How do Hotels use it to make transactions?”

Transactions happen in the blockchain technology where each transaction made is independently verified and cannot be copied, making the technology extremely secure.

It opens for new possibilities to facilitate traditional Hotel operations and enhance the customer experience.

Experience is the new Hospitality

Customers and guests are paying more attention to experience than ever, putting the pressure on customer experience (professionals to deliver better and better experiences.

As Hoteliers, we have to shift focus and put ourselves in the customer shoes.

Hotels need to start optimizing the user experience for the customer’s Hotels get, as well as the ones they want! Not only will that align with what Google wants, but a better understanding of all your Hotels customers will help reach important marketing objectives, as well.

Guest engagement at the Hotel will be achieved by making the guest feel a certain way when they interact with your products and services. Feelings, emotions they run the world and they’re especially important to travelers.

The important aspects for Hotels in 2019 will be to maximize the real-time micro-moments. We already have tools and technology in place that allows Hotels to identify key real-time micro-moments. The real challenge for many Hotels been putting these critical moments into context.

In 2019 real-time engagement is no longer an option. ‘Last Minute’ reservation has made the customer more aware of the control they possess with utilizing various apps and services that allow them to make this type of reservations as natural as it is going to store buying milk.

Real-time bookings will become that battle arena in 2019.

Through smart devices, customers can access important and relevant data about the local area that helps them make educated real-time bookings.

Hotels will have to focus on delivering real-time experiences.

The first and most important step for Hotels to take is to start to hire Hotel Experience Ambassadors that becomes real-time servants.

Real-time customer experiences do two things:

  • It delights customers now, and
  • It shows sophistication and responsiveness which enhance your Hotel brand


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