Remember last December, when we were all excited for 2020? Oh, the good ol’ days! If this isn’t the right time to use the DeLorean, Great Scott, I don’t know what is.

As the nights are getting colder, I wonder about thousands of ways of saving this world from this pandemic while having my magical brownies. The creative solutions I came up with may or may not include Dr. Strange or Professor Dumbledore’s help. But one thing we all know for sure is that smoking a little ganja while kissing goodbye to this wretched year could honestly be the best thing.

Now, unlike me, many of you must be worrying about local authorities penalizing you for lighting a joint. But you know what, this article is a ray of hope for you.

News Flash: You Can Have a Weed Centric Holiday!

We live in a golden era where ‘Bud and Breakfast‘ is a real thing. Many nations worldwide take ‘weed tourism’ seriously and decriminalized recreational marijuana.

So all you ganja-lovers fasten your seat belts; we will introduce you to the five cannabis-friendly destinations.


Canada(Image Credit:

Just two years back, on a beautiful October day, the Canadian government legalized recreational cannabis. Many hash-lovers took to the road to cheer and honk to welcome this fantastic decision. Every year, many tourists visit Canada to enjoy White Christmas. And now, the same charm is amplifying with the blooming ‘cafes’ and ‘dispensaries’. Oh yes, cannabis tourism is getting into the mainstream in Canada.

Must-Visit Destination:- Calgary

You can consume marijuana in big cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, but let’s talk about their other dazzling sister, Calgary.

The largest city of Alberta has not gained popularity just because of its geographical reach. It has its own Diagon Alley named Graffiti Alley, the electric street, where you can go on marijuana-infused tours. There are many good dispensaries, like Queen of Buds, New Leaf Cannabis, and Four 20 PM, where you can find good marijuana products.

You can visit Canada’s official website to read about the rules before making the reservations.

Spain, but only Barcelona!

Spain(Image Credit:

Not mentioning Spain at the top while talking about partying should be a felony!

Although the Spanish are not as tolerant as the Netherlands or Canada, they have their approach to tolerating cannabis. This does not mean one can light a joint on the road. Cannabis consumption in a public place is still illegal in Spain. Only personal use is decriminalized, and this is a loophole used by many Barcelona clubs to provide weed to the tourists.

To enjoy Spanish cannabis culture, you have to enter a cannabis social club. But that is not enough; in the club, you have to sign up for a paid membership for a high-quality hash. When you hand them over your money, you are not buying the weed, but you are donating that money to the weed-cultivating members of that club. Once you become a member of a private club, you can enjoy their products on their premises.

Must Visit:- Cannabis Museum

It sounds like a dream, isn’t it? But it is the reality on the streets of Barcelona. ‘Weed culture’ has become more prosperous, with an increasing number of stoners every day. These museums have taken charge to educate such newcomers about their own culture and cultivation practices.

From small cafes to museums, any tourist can easily find a way around Barcelona. However, there are several common mistakes that many tourists make, especially in Barcelona. From asking to buy weed at private clubs to not bringing ID, you can read here the common errors and ways to avoid them.

The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Netherlands(Image Credit:

How can I not talk about Amsterdam while talking about weed?

Pardon me that I placed it on the third spot, but your existing knowledge is my excuse!

For years, travelers have been flocking Amsterdam for that authentic “coffee shop” experience. These are the places that come up with menu cards filled with multiple choices that you can light up and enjoy. Weed is decriminalized for personal use in Amsterdam, which means you can enjoy it in such coffee shops, not in public places where it is banned. Breaking this law can lead to some serious repercussions. You can find all the information you need about coffee shops here.


Uruguay(Image Credit:

If you are also a fan of not-so-typical-touristy places, Uruguay is the place for you. Uruguay is like that tiny pub, which was overshadowed by its dazzling neighbors. But once you know about it and the product it offers, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

This Latin American country was the first one to legalize consumption and possession of cannabis in 2014. Recreational marijuana is legal here, and locals can simply walk down the cobbled lanes of Colonia del Sacramento while smoking a joint. Although visitors are still prohibited by the law to purchase weed, you can always make an Uruguayan friend or sign up for a cannabis tour. Experiencing the picturesque beauty of this country after a drag will be quite an experience!

United States of America

Okay, it’s time to talk about the big guys!

The US of A being on this weed-holiday list does not mean you can light up a joint as soon as you land on American soil. Several states have decriminalized recreational marijuana, and I’ll mention a few cities from those states. However, please read the state-specific laws before making reservations.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska(Image Credit:

When you are buzzed, every color appears as a part of the northern lights. Now imagine watching the real northern lights, Aurora Borealis, while enjoying weed. Even the thought gave me Goosebumps! Weed consumption is legal in Alaska, only if you are on private property or designated legal stores. You can book a remote resort to watch the night sky from hot springs while enjoying your joint.

Bay Area, California

Golden Gate Bridge(Image Credit:

The year 2017 ended and started a golden age of legalized recreational marijuana in this part of the USA. This is the Nirvana city that celebrates the holy matrimony of wine and marijuana-culture. You can find many dispensaries selling cannabis-infused wine. By building the first all solar-powered medical dispensaries, the Bay area has made its place in the list of cities taking ‘green’ initiatives on a creative level.

Colorado USA

Colorado(Image Credit:

Cannabis connoisseurs consider Colorado as a heaven for a reason. Since 2014, the state of Colorado has legalized recreational cannabis. The decision was made, and the state went bananas over the ganja. Weed serving hotels, legal dispensaries, and an ample of marijuana tours started appearing around the corners. And that is how Colorado has made its place on the world’s weed-map.

Last, but the most significant thing: yes, these are the places that offer you a weed-centric holiday. However, this isn’t as easy as it looks. You have to remember the following things to make your holiday safe as well as enjoyable:-

  • Educate yourself about local laws.
  • Understand the difference between legalized and decriminalized.
  • Research about the legal age for marijuana consumption in a particular area.
  • Read the experiences of other travelers.
  • Avoid shady places, which do not feel safe.

Going on a hash-holiday means getting buzzed and having the time of your life; however, it should not mean being stupid. So be careful and have a happy hash holiday!

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