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(This article was provided by John Brooks who writes for a professional video editing service company.)

I have been researching and practicing the technique of time-lapse videography for five years. And I learned to create outstanding videos which I could never be able to create without the practices of time-lapse technique.

Many viewers on my channel are wondering if they could also be able to create such videos, and my answer to them is a big YES. Nothing is impossible, we all know that. The modern technology has made our life so easy that anybody can do anything from any corner of the world.

Nowadays, anyone can access to a DSLR camera, it has become very affordable. And all you need is a DSLR camera to make high-quality time-lapse videos.

In this article, we are going to explore five super easy tips for time-lapse video editing. I’m sure you’re going to find these tips very useful while scheming and employing your time-lapse, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to this technique. Let’s get started.

1. Do the planning

On the off chance that you want to make a time-lapse of a sunset, it’s really stupid to do 30 miles by a car loaded with our tool to get to the spot picked just two minutes before nightfall.

You should always check both the dawn and dusk, and their direction in regard to our subject and other potential components, moon, tides, and so forth., which may become an integral factor.

An extraordinary device for this errand is “The Photographer’s Ephemeris”. We should become acquainted with its interface, watching the sun and moon and their direction, preparing our area, and at exactly that point to start to set up the gear.

2. Tripod is our best friend

Quit imagining about costly lightweight carbon tripod. What we truly need is that old overwhelming tripod that no one likes to carry.

Remember that your camera will stay similarly situated maybe for an hour or two. The smallest shake or moving brought about by the breeze during the shots will finish up in a shaken take.

On the off chance that your tripod isn’t solid enough, you can hang your camera sack on it, or use stones to give it more noteworthy security and unbending nature. This is basic in long exposures.

3. Framing is vital

Most of the time we don’t visualize the scene because we are very excited to arrive at the destination with so much energy. We just don’t try to find the right framing.

Leave the luggage and tripod and go for a stroll around the place, envision the gave, investigate the scene, attempt to locate the best area and arrangement. You should act as if you were going to take a single shot.

Act as if you have the only composition as you brought a single roll of film. If we consider just how the last video will look, we’ll skirt the subtleties that have the effect between a decent shot and an epic picture.

4. Manual mode and RAW documents- Prominent Authority

You might think that auto/priority mode along with the JPG files are the coolest settings to create a time-lapse.

Just as nobody utilizes those settings when taking some quality videos, to accomplish proficient outcomes in time-lapse we will utilize manual introduction and RAW documents.

Both manual mode and RAW documents will give us more prominent authority over our camera and during the post-production.

We should keep it in mind that the camera is going for quite a while, so on the off chance that we utilize any automatism, the camera will attempt to address each difference in light and the shading temperature.

So, in the event that you shot it in JPEG, there will be no turning back.

5. Concentrate precisely

It is critical to choose the manual mode in both the camera and the lenses. (If we have an SLR with Live View, we can likewise center with the magnifying loupe at the ideal point.) In the vast majority of my shots, I focus to infinity while I utilize wide-ratio lenses.

In different cases, having components of enthusiasm for the first or center term, we should guarantee this is the place the focus should be.

Knowing the hyper-focal of our focal point is constantly significant since huge numbers of our shots are of a scene and are for this situation, we need the longest profundity of field.

Be relaxed. Don’t stress it out. You’re not the only one who has faced difficulties while editing time-lapse. We all have had been there.

All you have to do is be patient and practice a lot. With these five super easy tips, I hope that you can make some amazing time-lapse videos on your next travel. Best of luck.

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