For many Hotels, it is both and challenge and art to identify effective ways to carefully craft Hotel experiences that will win over travelers.

Today people want to change the world for the better. This new vision makes its energy soar and adrenaline surge.

Fast-paced impulses have made people wired to make split-second decisions and snap judgment about the world around them.

This has now forced Hotel Marketers to better understand native micro-moment content that inspirer travelers on their journey to create the ultimate experience.

Delivering instant gratification

Hotels today are required to deliver a unique experience of pleasure without any delays. Innovative Hotel brands are utilizing new tools that identify the impact micro-moments have travelers on the subconscious mind. Brands like Accor Hotels is now taking advantage of technology that identifies patterns native content have on travelers’ brain.

Le Club AccorHotels unique project Seeker is a unique project that measures biometric reactions and behavioral analysis to unlock and gain deeper insight into what guests want and need in a travel experience.

Technology is now crafted to help Hotels identify important patterns that impact the traveler’s perceptions.

One of the challenges Hotel still faces is that many still don’t know what to do with the growing amount of data that is available.

Technology is now helping Hotels compile date in effective ways that allow them to personalize the experience. Hotels are now in a position to create unique Hotel Experience packages that meet all of the needs of the individual traveler.

Unlock the power of Native advertisement

The power of native advertisement is that it forces travelers to use both sides of their brain. This results in great engagement, recall, and influence.

Native ads are specifically designed to create associations and focus on the context of the content.

It emphasizes the importance of community, value, quality, trust, status, and experience.

Associations and context can influence the perceptions of the message in the native advertisement.

And it will help travelers with long-term beliefs and make important associations with your Hotel brand.

Search Experience Optimization the new frontier

Over the years search engine algorithms have evolved towards machine learning processes to account for end-users’ experiences.

Today content is designed to trigger the traveler’s memory, emotion, and empathy. Travelers’ first visual impression is their most important impression.

And research has shown that as much as 94% of first impressions are design-related. Hotels that can trigger this form instant positive feelings are given more slack down the line.

Visual appeal today has become more important than usability.

For Hotels today it is becoming increasingly more important to focus on the visual experience.

Make your Hotel story compelling

Research has shown that as much as 90% of the decision is made subconsciously. By telling a story that embodies the challenges faced by your Hotels community, you create an experience that resonates, educates, and sticks with them.

Today through technology, Social Media, and New Media storytelling has become very effective in getting attention, creating an emotional connection, and promoting actions.

Hotels today have to use the visual aspect together with storytelling. Travel stories arrive from micro-moments of their journey. Your job is identifying the traveler’s visual experience from their point of view, across all the micro-moments as they seek to achieve specific goals.

Hotels are today in a position where they have to optimize traveler relations by implementing and expanding the scope of the experience initiatives. Travelers will interact with your Hotel because they connect emotionally and/or need a problem solved.

Create stories that become a natural part of their travel kit when they are prepared to plan a new journey.

Humanness and Community the new building stones

What do you find on millennials and generations z travelers wishlist?

Their wishlist will contain; authenticity, meeting locals, experience, and Instagram access.

The key to Instagram success lays in the ability to influence creative humanness. This is where millennials and generation z travelers showcase their visual experiences. They want to genuinely be understood and appreciated for who they are.

Humanness helps their confidence to act through emotional engagement. It will relax them and make them feel secure to reach beyond what they know to explore as-yet-unknown.

Hotels need to focus on building able communities that will help respond to this demand.

Millennials and generation z believe travel and community bring people together that foster deeper connections.

Communities will help remove barriers, deepening the understanding of other cultures, and provide new unique opportunities to meet others that will add new unique values to their experience.


Creating the ultimate Hotel experience package is not complex. It requires a little innovation, creativity, and willingness to step outside the traditional box.

Feel free to share with us what type of actions you have taken to create the ultimate Hotel Experience package.

When your Hotel serves your community they will reward you back with serving you.

From a Hotel and Social Media Consultant’s standpoint, the Social Media Community can offer Hotels a one-stop-shop for managing their Social Media marketing such as the community infrastructure, database, listening functionality, profile management, collaboration, content marketing and management, and of course, the analytics.

A Social Media Community will help your Hotel to grow smarter and faster when you focus on the value proposition and collaborate in effective ways.

If your Hotel needs help to put it all together then make sure to let us know.

With the right team behind your Social Media efforts, it can become cost-effective and generate a new revenue stream for your Hotel.


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Be flexible and identify new ways to make guests happy.

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