Is your hotel taking advantage of new innovative hotel marketing strategies to increase revenue?

How to make your Hotel out-of-the-date? How to boost your revenue? How to attract more guests? These and many other “how-to” questions are a daily routine of every hotelier. To keep up with the times and meet the requirements of fastidious customers, a Hotel owner should regularly keep an eye on the latest trends and hotel marketing strategies.

A safe and proven method to stay aware of everything happening in the hospitality world is working with a hotel marketing firm or monitoring several websites and visiting countless workshops. But it takes a lot of time (and money) to find a reliable source with the necessary information or a lecture with useful pieces of advice. That’s why people usually prefer to choose one or several websites of companies, such as HotelFriend, developing their products and providing professional content about the hotel industry.

In this article, you will find some practical hotel marketing strategies which will help your property to pick up more revenue and to become a dream hotel where people want to return for each vacation.

1. Social Media as an advertising tool

Nowadays people spent a great deal of time on the Internet, or rather on social media. Using Instagram or Facebook, you will easily manage to promote your business. Create an account if you haven’t done it yet, post a photo or a video every day, and add some descriptions to them. For example, share some special moments of the hotel’s life, give some tips for a fascinating vacation in your region, etc. Guests often help hotel owners to make an advertisement by indicating a location on photos in their accounts. Your task is just to provide a top-quality service as usual.

2. Well-organized website

Design plays a major role here. Consider changing it according to new trends and rules if you haven’t refreshed it for a long time. The optimal loading time for pages is about three seconds. Simple navigation is also a must if you want to increase revenue. Publish new content regularly and be sure that themes correspond to the current interests of people. Following these tips, you will get a chance to flourish in the hyper-competitive market.

3. A handy mobile version of the website

Many travelers prefer to book accommodation via smartphones. Pay attention to whether your website’s features are compatible with mobile devices, whether the content is readable on them, and whether links are clickable, otherwise, you are likely to lose many potential guests.

One more affordable solution or rather mandatory is to develop an app. Take the “mobile” needs of guests to account: mobile check-in / -out, keyless entry, push notifications, etc. Hospitality belongs to the fields where it is better to follow new trends.

4. Stimulate direct bookings

Instead of paying commissions to OTAs, you can emphasize strategies on how to increase direct bookings. Firstly, the reservation process must be fast and easy, otherwise, the visitor will just leave the website. Secondly, use an abandonment tool to remind potential guests who have left the cart with orders to complete their booking.

Another excellent strategy to attract visitors and boost revenues is retargeting – effective advertising based on previous actions of the user. If someone visits your website, this person will see ads for the Hotel.

To increase direct bookings, you can also offer multifarious incentives such as free Wi-Fi, a welcome drink, complimentary breakfast, etc.

5. Metasearch platforms

People often rely on TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Finder when choosing accommodation for a vacation. Driving the rate by a quality of service, the hotelier will manage to get better revenue.

To keep up with powerful competitors and to make your business thrive aren’t easy tasks for beginners as well as for experienced hotel owners. But when there’s a will, there’s away. Follow proven professional tips and provide the best possible experience for guests – and your work will be rewarded.

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