Most Hotel Decision-makers focus on the ROI with Twitter. So today I will share some tips on How To Create Exclusive Hotel Deals via Twitter.

Creating Exclusive Hotel Deals you need to give exceptional value to your followers. There is a fine balance between a direct sale and an exclusive deal. Direct Sales can in the wrong form be a turn-off. So be classy with your tweets.

Make sure you give your Twitter followers exceptional value they can’t find anywhere else.

Give an Incentive

Your customers or guest loves to know they special. And on special occasions, Twitter is a great way to recognize this occasion.

If you Tweet a special, make sure the customer is required to redeem it at your Hotel. While your Special is ongoing, it also a good strategy to reward customers that mention your Hotel Brand in their Tweet. Why not have a Surprise Bonus for a customer Tweet that mentions your Hotel in connection with the Special. You can give them a Free Mother’s Day Hotel Package.

My friends at @thedrakehotel have found a great balance to close the Hotel Deals. They use here several great reference points in their Tweet. They utilize a special occasion in combination with a #hashtag. This also triggers curious customers to find out more.

Take your Customer to the Heart Of The Hotel

This is almost like bring your kids to work day, instead of you bring your Hotel Twitter Followers to your work.

Give customers behind the scene scoop, like my friends here at @WaldorfNYC did to showcase the lunch prepared for employees.

Mark your spot on the Calendar

Making an exclusive Hotel Deal that expires at a certain date creates the element of urgency. Make sure you do like my friends at @KiwiCollection to combine an incentive with the urgency call.

Ask and Follow Up

My friends at @FairmontHotels show here in a brilliant way how to ask and follow up.

Asking customers on Twitter is very effective. But following up to recognize when a customer takes time to respond is what makes your Hotel stand out. Giving outstanding value to your customers is what helps to close the deal with your Hotel when they are looking for a Hotel room in your city. Customers will both favorite the Tweet and share it with their Network.

Announce Happenings

Remember Social Media is a Live Interactive Media Channel. Start announcing news, gathering, and events that happen at your Hotel.

My friends at @FourSeasons strategy here show how this can be done.

Innovations and creativity go a long way when you announce something that will make both your customer and Hotel stand out.

My friends at @omnihotels show us here how to put this principle in place.

Have you found your Hotels Sweet Spot to close Hotel Deals on Twitter?


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