The amount of business a hotel receives can be significantly influenced by how it looks. The quality of visitors’ duration of stay is also influenced by the exterior of the building. The best hotel branding designs consider each aspect of your visitors’ stay.

The main objective of hotel branding is to make every visitor’s stay enjoyable and memorable. This is accomplished with both indoor and outdoor features. In light of this, we’ve put together seven hotel exterior design suggestions to help differentiate your establishment and draw in more guests.

Making sure the design blends in with the property’s and its surroundings’ overall aesthetic is crucial. For one hotel, it might be feasible, but it might not be for another.

Nevertheless, one thing is for certain: whether they are visiting for business or pleasure, visitors want an unforgettable experience. We hope these seven hotel exterior design ideas will motivate you to improve your building and increase visitors.

1.  Hotel Facade Branding Design

Eye-catching features are crucial for a unique image. Your facade walls can be decorated with art to soften the urban environment. It will distinguish your building and make the neighborhood proud. Once you’ve made yourself known, use elegant channel letters with the name of your hotel to welcome visitors. High-rise displays and light box signs are both excellent ways to draw attention to your business.

Another aspect to exploit for hotel branding is the design and shape of your windows. Pick layouts that take advantage of natural light. Window decals are excellent for exterior aesthetics while you’re at it. You can find looks that complement any fashion, whether it be minimalist or extravagant. Use frosted adhesives, which offer stylish graphics and privacy, to establish yourself as a model hotel brand.

2.  Provide comfortable, attractive outdoor seating

Through sourcing profiles and marketing, adding attractive outdoor seating can be a great way to show visitors that your hotel or venue is a pleasant, comfortable place to be. These areas can also be used to host events and meetings outside that are safer. To make the most of the surroundings, use outdoor seating that is pointed in the direction of stunning vistas. Take Italy’s Arua Private Spa Villas, for example. If your hotel is located in a city, you can use bistro-style seating outside so that guests can relax and sip coffee while watching the world go by.

3. Freshen the look with greenery

Even if your property is located in a city, you can still add some greenery. With five 300-foot transposed oak trees, Ham Yard in London does a great job of bringing nature to an urban setting. Additionally, this will support buildings that want to be more sustainable. Planting trees around the hotel’s exterior would be a fantastic exterior design idea. A wonderful way to give visitors a memorable experience is to bring them closer to the local environment and nature.

Add a water feature. The sensory experience of visitors is enhanced by water features, which can also add more nature to your outdoor spaces, depending on the type. To complement the aesthetics and age of the hotel, water features can be installed.

4. Bring the indoors outdoors

Including a patio in your hotel’s outdoors is a great way to make the guests welcome. A small kitchen with grilling to the side is a very effective way. But it is very important to choose high-quality and elegant kitchen countertops for your hotel’s outdoor kitchen area to impress your guests.

Utilize its outdoor space by creating an outdoor library so that visitors can enjoy the warm weather. Azucar in Mexico makes use of its outdoor space by having an outdoor reading area for guests to enjoy the warm weather. In addition to an outdoor library, you could construct a theater, a cafe, a cinema, or even a yoga studio.

5. Rooftop

The hotel’s rooftop is one of the best examples of hotel branding. Use illuminated signs to create a mood. They can be utilized to illuminate the rooftop terrace with your company name, logo, and eye-catching quotes. For a modern vibe, simple lampposts and string lights are also popular hotel branding ideas.

Last but not least, don’t disregard the roofing of your hotel. Rooftops are the ideal location for stylish pools and parties, so be careful that it’s not slippery. Floors with tiles, stones, gravel, rubber, fake grass, and many other combinations are common examples of hotel branding.

6. Art

The main objective of hotel exterior design ideas should be to stand out from the competition. Using art to do that is the best way. Hanging art pieces around the walls or placing sculptures to greet guests as they enter.

7. Windows for natural light

Your windows’ style and shape are crucial to the exterior design of your hotel. The amount of light they let in alters the hotel’s atmosphere and sensory experience, but the light it emits at night gives it a completely different personality.

Rooms will feel airy and light thanks to large windows. Additionally, they emit a calming, warm glow at night. Glad Live Gangnam in Korea gives large windows and natural light top priority, which allows the structure to display its interiors as well.


Over to you

The hotel industry is always changing, especially during a time of crisis. Make sure to future-proof your business and continue attracting new guests by investing in these solutions.

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