A Combined Effort – Hotel Security and Customer Service

There is a unique quandary facing businesses today. Particularly when it comes to hotels and other traveling arrangements, there is an explicit need for advanced security measures; however, that need cannot overstep the establishment’s endeavor to extend hospitality to each of its guests. So how are hoteliers supposed to balance security and hospitality today? Well, it’s a bit of a “fine dance,” but it can be done.

To establish a stable security front, hotels need to partner with seasoned physical security providers and educate the entire hotel staff to keep security at the forefront of their interactions at all times. Likewise, hoteliers can create a bit of a safe by design hotel security management system camouflaged in outright customer service interactions, and here is how.

1. Establish Security-Minded Customer Service

In any Hotel, front desk representatives, as well as valets and other employees, are trained to follow a customer-first model of customer service. This vision of customer service keeps the customer’s satisfaction at the forefront; however, that vision should also go a step further and include measures to keep the customer happy and safe.

For example, systems need to be in place for handling customer requests via security protocols, such as when a guest asks for his stored bags. As a matter of protocol and customer courtesy, the associate should require identification to retrieve the stored luggage – a system that is the same for any guest as a matter of security and service.

2. Encourage Guest Safeguards As Well

While no hotelier, or guest for that matter, wants to consider the vulnerability of most keycard systems in place today, the reality is that the threat is there. As an added measure to keep guests safe and provide superior service, hotel staff should be trained to remind visitors to use additional safeguards in the room, such as using the lock bars and chains or deadbolts in the room when retiring for the evening or securing valuables in a provided safe as appropriate.

3. Regulate After Hours Access

As an additional safety precaution and service measure, hoteliers can regulate access to the premises after hours. This regulation can be in the form of self-locking doors after a certain hour, security personnel at front entrances and other access points, and closed-circuit tracking of all public areas, such as the parking lot, gym, and other common areas.

4. Present Security Officers in a Customer Service Role

Security officers are an important component in today’s hotels, but nothing is more uninviting than security personnel in a police or military uniform. Make security professionals more approachable by having them dress in upscale business clothing and encouraging them to interact positively with guests throughout their stay. Selecting the right candidate for this position is crucial.

Case in point, a Hotel security issue that occurred at the Queen’s Hotel in May 2009 indicates just how important “the right person for the job” is. A young man was under the influence in the hotel lounge and presented a bit of a problem upon which the security personnel proceeded to put him in a headlock and direct him outside.

The actions of the security professional led the individual to seek injury compensation of which some was remitted. The hired individual must be well aware of security guard duties, responsibilities, and expectations.

There is a fine balance between customer service and security in the hotel business. The appropriate measures must include a drive to ensure that customers are safe but also well taken care of in every situation. Attention to detail in both cases and a combined effort can prevent personal injury to Hotel staff and guests as well as safe lock the business from being responsible for injury compensation as well as other charges incurred.


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