Every hospitality brand must work on improving their company culture. If your staff are happy, their job satisfaction will feed into their work and interactions with your guests.

If, however, they are unhappy in their role, it could lead to low productivity and a poor customer service experience, which could prevent your guests from returning to your hotel.

To boost morale, and provide your staff with a great place to work, read the following advice on how to improve your company culture. By doing so, you can create a welcoming, profitable establishment everyone will love to visit.

Recruit the Right Employees

It is crucial to hire employees who embody the company culture you want to create. While qualifications and skills are important, you must assess their personality traits and passion for the industry. If you fail to do so, it could lead to poor attitudes and conflict in the workplace, which could impact your team’s job satisfaction and slow down your business. Remember, you can teach various skills, but you cannot teach a person to develop the correct attitude.

Empower Your Team

The initiative is essential in the hotel industry, as your team must be able to quickly think on their feet to resolve a variety of guest problems. If, however, you attempt to micromanage your staff, this could lead to much frustration in the workplace. Instead, you should allow your employees to make various decisions without requesting permission first.

Unite Your Staff

Teamwork and clear communication are essential in the hospitality industry. It is imperative to find ways to unite your team, which could help you to develop a strong company culture. For example, you should organize team bonding sessions, run a syndicate for placing a bet on the Powerball or organize social events to allow your staff to build friendships.

Reward Your Staff for Their Hard Work

Hard work should never go unnoticed in the hospitality industry. As your staff will spend many hours of the day on their feet dealing with disgruntled customers and resolving problems, it is important to make them feel valued by your business.

Reward members of staff who go above and beyond to enhance the guest experience and improve the company’s annual profitability.

For example, you could:

  • Provide a cash bonus
  • Present them with a gift
  • Acknowledge their actions in a company newsletter
  • Grant them an extra day’s vacation

Rewarding your team can considerably boost employee morale and could help your business to retain the loyalty of its top talent.

Identify and Eliminate Problems

Despite your best intentions, there might be some problems that arise that could negatively impact your team’s job satisfaction. For example, you might hire a lazy or argumentative member of staff, or your team might be struggling with unnecessary or lengthy processes.

It is, therefore, vital for your company culture and productivity to identify and eliminate potential issues. For example, you should ask your team for feedback, so you can say goodbye to a poor performing employee or can eliminate unnecessary steps in a daily task.

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