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Evaluating each stage of your AI journey is crucial for success. It allows you to adjust your course, mitigate risks, optimize performance, and make informed decisions.

Regular evaluation ensures your AI initiative stays aligned with your goals, delivers maximum value, and propels your organization toward a future of innovation and success. Embrace this continuous process to unlock AI’s full potential.

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Gratitude & AI The Unexpected Key to Your Hotel’s Future

Gratitude & AI: The Unexpected Key to Your Hotel’s Future is a short, engaging video that explores how embracing gratitude, alongside AI technology, can elevate your hotel’s hospitality and create unforgettable guest experiences.

Discover how AI can empower your staff, enhance personalization, and foster a culture of appreciation that drives success in the evolving world of hospitality.

AI Your Hotel Secret Weapon to WOW Guests!

In today’s session, I will explain why AI is your hotel’s secret weapon to WOW guests.

This is just the beginning of your hotel’s AI Journey. My AI Pal RobINN and I will be with you throughout the journey.

AIHospitalitInsight – Introduction

Welcome to ‘AIHospitalityInsights – Digital Magic: AI Meets Hospitality,’ your new portal to the future where technology meets tradition. This show is hosted by Are Morch and his AI Pal RobINN.


digiHotel Intro

Welcome to digiHotel – a digital transformation journey for HotelsĀ where we explore mindset, innovations, and digital transformation in the hotel industry. I’m your host Are Morch. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast and stay tuned for more exciting episodes.

Digital Check-In – Introduction

Listen to Digital Check-In a podcast for hotels where we talk about why and how digital marketing will help hotels bounce back to a new and brighter future.

Digital Check-In – Value Innovation, Growth Mindset, and Mental Health Awareness

In this episode Are, help your hotel identify some important core principles that will help your hotel succeed with digital marketing

Digital Check-In – Why

In today’s episode Are talks about the importance of the WHY. The Why is about your hotel’s contributions that impact and serve others. A high value Why is what inspires humans.

Digital Check-In – Understanding How

In the current market, there is now one group that is overwhelmed with orders and interactions (groceries, household goods, pet supplies, pharmacy, and general merchandise).

Shoppers use a mix of digital touchpoints along the purchasing journey for inspiration.

How is this group that now receives orders and interactions responding, and what can hotels learn from this?

In this episode Are starts discussing understanding how can start implementing new digital marketing strategies in a new context.

Digital Check-In – Value Innovation and Transformation Process

In today’s episode Are talks about how digital marketing values and digital marketing innovation help with a.) Transition – managing evolving uncertainty b) Transformation – hospitality reimagined.

Digital Check-In – Digital Recovery Process

In this episode Are talks about the Digital Recovery Process.

The recovery process in itself will take time. Data from STR and AHLA indicates that travel will not return to the 2019 level until 2024.

As a result of this hotels have to focus on value innovation and a growth mindset in context with the digital recovery process.

Some of the core areas of this process will include;

1. Creating new Digital experience offers for hotels

2. Employee and Guest relationships for increased performance

3. Ongoing Reputation Management

Digital Check-In – Identify your hotels’ new ideal customers

In this episode, Are discusses identifying your hotels’ new ideal customers/clients.

It would help if you did not put your hotel in a position today where you are guessing who your next paying guest might be.

We live in an unprecedented time today where hotels can’t depend on their traditional market segments.

Hotels have to start identifying WHO their new high-quality, (high) paying customers/clients are.

Make sure you first understand why you do what you do. Your WHY is critical for your new contributions that will impact and serve others. It will also help identify what inspires you and your hotel team today.