Airbnb has closed the Social Gap with its unique service. Originally it was called AirBed & Breakfast, and the short elevator pitch was Forget Hotels.

The founders of Airbnb found that there was a large base of customers that were seeking genuine Hospitality where M&Ms did not cost $6. The ideas were to bring out the local perspective making it an authentic and memorable experience that would be easy to share.

Six Simple Rules

The simplicity of Airbnb builds on basic Hospitality connecting the Traveler with the Host. To me, this is the Hospitality I grew up on and can remember from my years as a teenager. My father passed on the seeds of Hospitality and Travel to me. And got the opportunity to learn the true values of Socializing with your guests. Airbnb concepts almost make me nostalgic here.

Six Simple Rules
Travelers Hosts
Confirm check-in times & key exchange after booking. Contact Airbnb within 24 hours of arrival if you encounter something unexpected.
Be neighborly
Be respectful of your surroundings, and the neighbors next door
Your reservation is confirmed for a set number of people. Check with your host before inviting additional visitors.
Respect the space
Treat the dwelling as if it were your own home. Whether it is an entire apartment or private room, be considerate & respectful.
Should any problems arise during your stay, immediately notify your host so they have a chance to correct them? They aren’t psychic (most of them).
Leave feedback for your host. They appreciate it and so do we!
Be transparent
Accurately represent your listing. Be upfront about pricing, amenities, and expectations.
Update your calendar
Save time for yourself, and guests, by keeping your calendar availability up-to-date.
Promptly reply to messages & reservation requests. Your response rate will thank you.
Coordinate check-in time & key exchange well in advance of the actual date. Welcome your guests with a big smile!
Uphold reservations
A reservation is a commitment. Your guests depend on you for an important part of their travels, so honor that. In emergencies, contact Airbnb.
Address concerns
If something goes wrong unexpectedly, be accessible to help remedy the situation. Be a hero to your guest!

Airbnb Meetups

Airbnb Meetups is taking the Social Networking Customer Experience to a new level. The idea is to bring professional travelers and hosts together exchange tips and share experiences.

The real keys to Airbnb’s success are Value Innovation and creativity. And then let the customers be in the driver’s seat.

Hollywood & Vines is a brilliant example of the creativity behind Airbnb. This is how you tie Social Media, Branding, and Customer Experience together.

You can also access Airbnb apps through Airbnb for iPhone and iPad and Airbnb for Android.

What Hotels can learn from it

Together with customers Hotels has a unique opportunity to shape the future of their services and products. Social Networking and Collaboration are so much more than Tweets, Likes, Followers, Connections, and Mentions. Social gatherings are what gives real meaning to the experience.

Our friends from Airbnb are among some of the speakers at EyeforTravel’s The Travel Distribution (TDS) Summit North America 2013. I will attend this event to Network and Collaborate with Industry Experts. If you are in the Chicago area 22 – 25 September join us for an EyeforTravel Meetup. Here we will share some of the principles Airbnb has utilized.

We are in this together!

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