Without guests, your Hotel is nothing more than four walls, a few rooms, and a reception desk. To inject your business with some much-needed life and potentially turn it into a money-spinning venture, you need paying customers coming through your door’s day in, day out. This, then, means that you have to do your utmost best to go out there and draw guests to your establishment — you need to attract them, as they aren’t necessarily going to come to you off their own back!

To see what you can do to avoid the Hotel hell that is a lack of guests and subsequently a lack of custom, make sure to read on.

Work on your website

All businesses, no matter their geographical location or what industry they trade in, need a fully-optimized website in this day and age. Without one, amongst many other problems, your guests won’t be able to find you, nor will they deem you to be a business owner who has their finger on the pulse of the modern-day. You want neither of these troubles to befall your Hotel business’s reputation and brand, which makes working on your website one of the most important jobs that you face today.

If you feel that your current website is beyond repair or if you’d just like to make a clean break from it, this could entail building a whole new site. In this instance, the first thing that you must do is get yourself a domain name. To perform this all-important task, you must:

  • Perform a domain name search to ensure that you do not infringe on trademarked words or phrases.
  • Have a few name options in mind just in case your preferred domain isn’t available.
  • Choose a domain extension that is suitable for your geographical location and the Hotel industry.
  • Ensure that you keep your name short, engaging, intuitive, and memorable.
  • Choose a web hosting package that will sort all of the intricacies of domain hosting.

Streamline and safeguard your booking process

Guests are going to have reservations about choosing to stay at your Hotel if the booking process is neither quick nor safe. Streamlining and safeguarding this particular procedure should, then, be a top priority of yours.

With regards to streamlining your booking process, you might want to consider using a cloud property management system. By embracing this kind of system, you will have the ability to check up on a number of important factors pertaining to the booking process, including:

  • Check-in/check-out details.
  • How much money guests currently owe you.
  • Specific guest requirements.

When it comes to safeguarding your booking process, first and foremost, you can never allow for your customer details to fall into the wrong hands. Whether you take these details digitally or via hand, it doesn’t matter — you must ensure that they are stored away safely at all times. If you do, in fact, still take details by hand, this means locking up your Hotel reservations diary in an impenetrable safe.

To avoid the Hotel hell that is a lack of custom, you have to keep take the above advice and keep your rooms filled with guests.


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