It is time for Hotels to start harness the real power of Social Media and Content Management.

We know that Social Media Marketing is different than traditional Hotel Marketing. It requires attention and new strategies for building brand image and loyalty. Social Media is related to relationship building which has generated a shift from trying to sell to make connections.

Hotels can no longer primarily focus on the big campaigns, they need to focus on the micro-moments. Content and micro-moments are the new unique campaigns that have the potential to reach a large audience of new and renewed customers.

Hotels today has to start to show what its product and service is instead of controlling the image. The customer today is very busy and making real-time decisions based on the quality of the relationship they have with your Hotel.

Social Media channels are the music that comes out after it went through amplifiers and speakers that reach your Hotels audience in one way or another. Content is the instrument you need to fine-tune and play in harmony with your audience.

Manage the Content, not the Channel

For many Hotels today it has become more important to check Social Media channels then occupancy and ADR. The importance of listening to Social Media is absolutely crucial if your Hotel wants to attract new and renewed customers in today’s markets.

Social Listening helps us understand why your audience dances to the music. Your job is to use the content as an instrument that tells a compelling story that pursues the audience to buy the music.

It’s a myth that Social Media is not cost-efficient, requires specialized staff and is time-consuming. We are not reinventing the wheel, we are just modernizing the wheel.

Your Hotels should be familiar with its content and story. All we are doing is providing new packages to deliver the message in.

Content Creation

Not very surprising content creation is the biggest challenge for Hotels. And many Hotels believe quality content will help with their online visibility.

For your guest, a stay at your Hotel becomes part of a given experience. The quality of this experience is still impacted by known factors that the Hotel can control and influence. Factors like amenities, room service, WiFi, restaurant experience, etc. are all factors where Hotels can apply additional WoW factors.

Content today is in large degree user-generated content. Make it easy for your guest to implement your Hotels story to their own experience.

Content Aggregation

Content is was creates a unique bond between customers and your Hotels service and product. Travelers today are posting their content in real time to share a unique experience with their community.

Hotels now have access to tools that easily can aggregate this content to add new values to the customers that are looking to make an educated booking decision. Start take proactive actions to become part of the Travelers Journey.

Content Management

Content Management can resonate more powerfully with your Hotels customers because it’s carefully tailored to their needs and interests. It’s a way of conveying your brand’s personality and offering without being overtly promotional, which can go a long way toward building brand trust amongst your audience.

More and more brands are recognizing the impact of content marketing, so those who choose to ignore it will increasingly fall behind. Word-of-mouth has become the single most important factor today when customers select their Hotel.

Recommendations and reviews from customers trusted community plays a major role in the decision process.

Likes, followers, and connections are important Social Media components. But if no one is engaging or sharing your Hotels content it doesn’t matter how many likes, follower or connection you have.

How you build your Social Media following does matter. If you consistently post quality content that makes your audience think, laugh, smile, or share with their friends, people are going to follow you. If it’s content that’s relevant to your industry and relevant to your brand, you’ll eventually build an audience of people who are genuinely interested in who you are, what you post, and perhaps most importantly, what types of service and products your Hotels has to offer.


A proper Content Management strategy will help Hotels facilitate their online content, and make it more responsive in today’s dynamic and real time eco-systems.

Create a system that makes it easy for customers to post and promote positive user-generated content to their communities. And create a healthy environment for customers to connect and facilitate, strengthen, and encourage those relationships.


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