Hotel owners have a big advantage when it comes to marketing and sales. Hotel names always attract attention. To take full advantage of this, it’s important to create a detailed plan for promotion. This should include products that have “staying power.”

These products include a wide range of items like mugs, totes, key card holders, umbrellas, lanyards, luggage tags, water bottles, lap blankets, and the ever-popular key chains.

Use Social Media Details to Promote Hotel Branding

Social media is another venue that offers a wealth of opportunity to promote hotel branding. Products like cell phone and iPad covers are a great way to keep hotel names fresh in the minds of hi-tech gadget users. To use social media details on promotional products like the custom tote bags available at Custom Tote Bags 4U, maintain a consistent branding message.

Consistency in the use of social media for key businesses like hotels is essential to embedding hotel branding. Also, choose promotional items according to the special needs of hotel clients. For example, if a hotel caters to a large number of air travelers, a hotel logo on a lap blanket is an ideal way to expand the hotel brand. This is also true for cosmetic bags and other small carry-on type bags. If these travelers are mostly international guests, a waterproof promotional passport and visa pocket holder.

Defining Your Hotel Name via Social Media

Before purchasing various types of items for promotional use to brand your hotel name, it’s important to define precisely hotel image. By defining the hotel image, social media branding engages visibility through familiarity. For example, a seaside hotel that’s widely known for its ratings in the hotel industry can be incorporated into social media promotions. It’s also important not to overlook other hotel features that engender a regular, loyal clientele, for instance, a four-star hotel restaurant.

If your hotel has an annual event in a particular season, this should also become part of the social media message. As an example, many hotels are linked to winter sports like skiing. Design social media branding in promotional items that provide multi-seasonal hotel advantages. Feature skiing in winter and an Olympic sized pool for summer. These features can easily be created in visual designs such as a logo with skis and a diver on a logo. Follow through with this in social media scripts and text.

Study Social Media Concepts

To present the best hotel branding, study social media concepts. Most hotel owners find that this particular segment of media promotion is very similar to their regular media venues. The biggest differences in social media lie with its brevity. A realistic study of the type of marketing your hotel has planned in the past may require little more than updating to refresh presentations. Branding is a result of persistence in hotel presentation. Review the current branding in place and alter features that no longer empower your hotel’s visibility or attract maximum customer attention.

More Ideas to Increase Hotel Name Visibility

For hotels located in beach areas, the possibilities for increasing hotel name visibility are endless. These promotional items can range from flip-flops, beach towels, sun visors, sunglasses, to shirts, beach cover-ups, and snack bags. Try to gauge the location of the hotel to the type of promotional items that would be most useful.


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