Chic Color, Modern Moods: Art in the Hotel

Fine Hotel art reflects sophistication, intelligence, and creative expression; art galleries and museums attract those who seek beauty, creativity, and inspiration. Art surrounds us in public installations, corner galleries and even on coffeehouse walls. Hotels find their success by selling an environment of comfort, relaxation, and warm elegance; setting a mood with original artwork will surround hotel guests with fine art to admire, explore and contemplate. The art that is chosen for a hotel lobby reflects the quality of the hotel, and it sets the mood for positive first impressions as guests enter the hotel’s lobby.

Not Just Taking Up Space: Inspire the Imagination

Hotels have historically added the artwork to their walls, but not always with a great deal of thought or care. Many hotels may place identical art pieces in each room for a unified look. Though a framed photo or poster can fill blank space on a wall, it doesn’t make an impression or set a mood. Thoughtless art decorations allow visitors to the hotel to be unimpressed and uninspired. The hotel becomes just another stop in a trail of hotels, with no personality or remarkable attributes that are memorable in any way.

The hotel lobby potentially offers an ideal space for displaying contemporary canvas art. A lobby interior with high ceilings, soft lighting, beautiful furnishings, and upscale designs may already have the feel of a fine art gallery. Adding art that will complement the setting and also inspires the hotel guests will add a lot of dramatic impacts on the guest experience – making it special and uniquely memorable. Original abstract artwork will engage guests and they will remember both the hotel and its beautiful, imaginative artwork.

Tips for Creating an Art Experience

Designing the hotel lobby for art that is thoughtful and inspired will take some time and skill. Choosing guidance from artists and designers will help hotel management know-how to choose canvas artwork to personalize the entrance lobby design. Taking a close look at the architecture and lighting to determine how it might enhance – or detract – from the art is necessary as well. Here are a few tips for getting started with choosing art for the hotel lobby:

  • Analyze the lighting: Determine where it works, and where it might need improvement to display art.
  • Hire an art consultant; if on a budget, choose an art student who has experience with gallery shows.
  • Consider commissioning an artist, or several artists, to create and install new work.
  • Partner with an art gallery to display a collection.
  • Install art correctly: Choose gallery-quality hanging of canvases and other installations.

Many factors can come together for a beautiful, gallery-quality display of art. Lighting, location and the quality of the art are all factors in the first impression guests will have and the experience they will remember when viewing the art and staying as a guest in the hotel.

Create a Memorable Guest Experience

Adding original contemporary art to the lobby interior of hotels creates an atmosphere that guests will seek out and enjoy. Creating a memorable environment that guests will remember, discuss and recommend to their friends and colleagues will provide benefits in terms of marketing and promotion as well. Art sets the foundation for attracting new guests, retaining repeat guests and adds an ongoing touch of sophistication and elegance that will enhance the hotel in a meaningful way.

Art is Universal

Hospitality is Art. It is like the painter that uses a combination of colors to create a picture. And we all will have a different perspective of how we view the finished product. The key is to bring out the commonalities that tell us that this is an experience we want to share with others.

The Hospitality Experience is no longer just about Hotel Experience and Reviews. Though both are important components of the Total Experience. Today it is about how your Social Community interpret your experience, and how much this will impact their decision.

The Hotel Industry is not first in line to adapt to change. No doubt we have some Hotels that is doing an awesome job in today’s real-time consumer-driven market. But we still have too many that are sitting on the sideline and believes all these Social Media is a lot of hype that eventually will die out.

In Hotel Industry, we have very long traditions, and this is not a bad thing. It provides us Connected Hoteliers with new challenges and opportunities to make a difference
One of the changes I see now is that I experience more request from Hotels that are in planning and development stages want to implement Social Media from an early stage before the Hotel is up and running. It is getting to a process where customers are allowed to take ownership of How the future of the Hotels will look like.


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