Do consumers of today trust your Hotels Social Network appearance?

Trust with Social Networking comes as result of building a solid fondation through relationship building. You have to make yourself trustworthy.

In Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust Chris Brogan and Julien Smith talks about the importance of Trust Agents.

What are some of the elements that will increase trust?

What creates credibility on Social Networks?

P x I = C

P = Prominence – Likelihood of being noticed
I = Interpretation – What value consumer add to the content good or bad
C = Credibility – Impact of the total assessment

Credibility can be changed by small things like brand equity. Provide a recognizable photo on all Social Networks. Proper response and engagements through all Social Networks.

Utilizing Champion Advocates to build brand equity. When Hotels take advantage of Social Networking Champion Advocates to build their brand that is when they will experience the true value of Social Networking. These are the true Trust Agents.

New Market Segments and Trends is evolving in real time. Therefor it is crucial for Hotels to start to build a relationship with their champion advocates. And take advantage of their networks.

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