Hotel Guest Surveys has been the traditional ways to measure Guest Satisfaction. Guest Satisfaction Index is measured on a percentage of total guests that reported their satisfactions with the Hotels products or services.

And Guest Satisfaction naturally has been a key indicator of how well the Hotel perform in all areas of the Hotel Strategies.

All the indicators from the surveys has provided valuable data, and it has provided information that allows the Hotel to adopt new procedures, or change when concerns has been identified.

Why get rid of surveys once and for all?

Most of the traditional data from these reports is based past experiences. Often the survey is directed to the Hotel Corporate office, board of directors or upper management. And either the date is related to concerns or positive data the adaptation or change process follow the chain of command.

As an example if the data is related to a concern then there might be initiated follow up routines towards the guest to find creative ways to bring back to Hotel, and prove that you are capable of delivering a premier experience. Another example can be if the same guest had a positive experience to send a thank you note, and add creative info to encourage guest to come back with their friends and family.

With Social Media you now have access to real time information from potential customers, in-house guests and after the guest has left the property. So you need to initiate strategies that take advantage of this information.

How can you effectively identify real time wants and needs?

The answer lays in Reputation Management previously know as Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Reputation Management is the process of tracking, reporting, and reacting to online feedback and opinions about a company and its people, products, and services.

As you can see it has many of the same elements as we know from Hotel Surveys, but we add some new elements and go more in debt on know elements.

We know that Social Media represent a People to People (P2P) network, where people share concerns or positive feedback with their network in real time. The message no longer just reach their family and 10 of their closest friends. It reach 1000s of friends and followers in one click.

With Social Media empathy is the new leadership skill that everyone should start focus on.

And Hotels already should know Customer Service, now we are just shifting gear and instead Serve Your Guests.

Reputation Management strategies allows us to identify customer data in the past, in the present and in the future.

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