Social Media Outreach

Traditional Customer Loyalty still covers the basics of discovering your customers needs and want. And deliver exceptional value on a continuous basis.

With Social Media Hotels and Small businesses now have an exceptional opportunity to extend Customer Loyalty outside the traditional business walls. Location – Location – Location will get new terms – Virtual Location, Interactive Location and Social Location = User Accessible Locations.

How do your consumer interact with your product and services?
Who are your real advocates?

Social Consumers

How many people can you touch with your product and service? Is your network really working with you?

Social Networking for Hotels and Small businesses is all about getting your product and services where the people are. Make the product accessible for them. And engage with them in discussions.

To consume your product and service do you require that your consumer actually has to check in at your physical location? For Hotels this has been and still will be the main function of their product and services. But Social Media will require Hotels and Social Media to think outside the box.

Social Advocates will provide brand recognitions in new ways that don’t require the consumer to actually physically been at their location. Over time when the brand has built a quality relationship and trust the consumer is very likely to do so in various ways. They will provide referrals and they will when they are in your city take advantage of your previous outreach.

Social Circle

Social Media will provide great returns when you understand the principles of Social Goodwill. It all start with give 100% to your consumer. Create an army of people who know you, likes you and trust you.

Engage with your consumers in various Social Networks and develop a quality relationship with them. Awareness is created by anticipating your consumers Social Wants and needs. Develop trust with reaching out to them. Proper Listening Outpost will allow you to keep track of your brand through Social Media. Respond properly to your consumers interaction. And measure your performance. Then rinse and repeat.

When you have an walking army of raving advocates your referrals will come faster then you can handle. At this point you have to make yourself able to reap from your Social Goodwill.

How prepared are your Hotel or Small business to reap from your raving advocates?

Anthony Robbins often talks about in his books and seminars about that Mother Nature provides us with spring, summer, fall, and winter. The winter season is a time of struggle and survival. There are many difficulties during winter, but it is always followed by the thaw of spring. Spring is a time of new life. It is a rebirth and a time to nurture and carefully attend to the new opportunities that are coming into being. And then comes summer, which is a time of cultivation, growth, and protection. Summer is when the planted seeds mature and blossom. It is a time when we must protect the fruits of our labor and prepare for the fall harvest. Following every summer comes the fall, when we reap what we sow and prepare ourselves for the inevitable returning winter.

This can relate with how the mechanism of Social Media works.

Has Social Media been a Friend or Fowl to boost your Hotel or Small Business Customer Loyalty?