I have today launched a Hotel and Social Media Interview series that will be posted on monthly basis on my blog. Today I start out with Asaf Engel – co-founder of IMGuest.

How do you see that IMGuest will influence Hotel guests?

We believe that IMGuest will bring a new and refreshing way for hotel guests to interact with each other and create new business opportunities. By using our platform you might find a hotel guest that has information or the skills you need. Your success as a professional depends upon expansion of your social and business networking so basically, we turn downtime into networking time when you are staying at your hotel.

Do you direct IMGuest more toward the business professional, or do you go for a more traditional check-in service similar to Foursquare and Gowalla?

IMGuest is a dedicated platform for hotels and business travelers worldwide. Checking into hotels is much different from checking into other regular places. The average stay in hotels is several days, which enables you to create new business connections. IMGuest provides a unique platform to search for other hotel guests and use a filter by age, gender, country, activities and interest, according to your demands.

At the moment IMGuest is strictly a web version, do you plan a smartphone, tablet version?

Sure! We are working around the clock with new developments including smartphone apps (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) and other innovative developments for hotels that will also benefit from this platform to fit their marketing needs.

IMGuest is now offering a Hotel Widget, give a brief description how this will benefit Hotels

The widget helps hotel websites spread brand awareness across the net by making it easier for its visitors to share their stay with their social networks.

IMGuest’s hotel widget is truly a unique social service for hotel guests. It’s fast, reliable, powerful and easy to install, best of all, it’s free of charge. By implementing the widget, hotel guests will be able to use a unique social arena in order to help them connect with other business travelers to make their stay more productive and thus successful.

IMGuest provides the most effective viral social marketing tool available to date for hoteliers worldwide. Inexpensively and easily promote your hotel in all of the popular social media channels, extend brand equity and reach via trusted referrals with reliability. Once your guest’s check-in, they will automatically notify their friends on Facebook and twitter followers on their check-ins to your hotel.

At the moment IMGuest has check-in options via Facebook and Twitter. Many Hotel professionals and guest also use LinkedIn. Do you have plans for LinkedIn implementations for IMGuest?

LinkedIn will be applied to IMGuest platform within a couple of weeks.

How to the future look for IMGuest? Will Hotels have options to provide Video info? And are there plans for any group function – where guest that comes to the Hotel for a specific event can check into the group?

We are working on a breaking development to add more functionality in terms of “Check-in” that I cannot share at this moment. The Hotel will have the possibility to manage their hotel page and design it as they see fit (Will be considered as premium service) including info, video and more.

If you could tell Hotels and Hotel guest in one paragraph how they can benefit from IMGuest – what would you share with them?

Key Benefits

  • A unique social platform for your hotel guests.
  • Viral marketing over the web, boosting your hotel brand. Each guest’s “check-in” automatically notifies to his Facebook friends and twitter followers about your hotel.
  • Analytics – IMGuest allows you to get a customized social report on your guests without exposing their personal identity. (Gender, Occupation, Hometown city and country, Hotel history and more).
  • Ability to post to your hotel guests with special offers, discounts and more.
  • Each guest will be able to send an anonymous review on your hotel.


As a hotel owner/manager, you can upgrade your hotel by transforming it into a social business arena by offering an attractive and unique social service to your guests. This platform will help your guests interact with one another in order to make their hospitality unique and business productive, during their stay.

Hotel guests:

IMGuest helps connecting the world’s business travelers to make them more productive and successful.

We believe that every social interaction carries the potential to gain profit and benefits. By using our platform you might find a hotel guest that has information or the skills you need. Your success as a professional depends upon expansion of your social and business networking.


Asaf Engel is one of the co-founders of IMGuest an innovative social arena used by business travel individuals to connect and create new business opportunities by checking into hotels.
It’s all about hotels, people, and real connections.

Founded 01/2011 by Asaf Engel and co-founder Yossy Medelovish.

Follow IMGuest on Twitter @IMGuest2011