Hotel LinkedIn Lead Generation

1. Collaborate & Network

The Collaboration and Networking process consist of building a team of Hotel Ambassadors that create new reference points for the Hotel.

Focus on building a solid platform that represent a wide variety of resources that is in line with your Hotels Values.

Network in LinkedIn Groups that is related to your Hotel, and from here you identify members for your Collaboration Team.

Here are three LinkedIn Groups that help you get started:

2. Build Relationships

Building a quality relationship with your network and peers will help you earn their trust and respect. Once you have initiated a trust relationship you are on your way to form ambassadors for your Hotel brand.

Trust is earned by providing your network and peers with exceptional value. Implement creative ways to involve and reward your network and peer.

Relationship Marketing encourages Hotels to develop relationships with guests, peers, suppliers and partners, to maintain their loyalty to the business. To accomplish this goal, Hotels must maintain a high level of communication with these parties in order to understand what they want and need from the Relationship.

3. Listen

Listening in on the conversations and utilizing tools that monitor and measure the data is crucial if your Hotel want not only to generate leads, but this is also how Hotels discover Social Media values that create retention.

Creating a solid Reputation Management system is extremely important for your Social Media Foundation.

4. Engage

Social Media and LinkedIn engagement is all about being involved in the ongoing discussions. Do NOT makes the mistake of outsourcing the voice of your Hotel.

LinkedIn Engagement consist of giving high value to your network, and then make your Hotel receivable for Social Exchange. Always focus on how you can add value to your networks Hotel Experiences. Be willing to share your tips on how LinkedIn has helped your Hotel to increase customer satisfaction. And also share how concerns was handled during the process.

5. Leads

A HubSpot study in 2012 showed that LinkedIn was 277% more effective for Lead Generation then Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn Company Pages provide the option of Create New Audience, and here your Hotel can name your Target Audience. After you set your target audience, then you will guided to set up a tailored message for this audience.

LinkedIn Company Pages let you feature updates of your choice. And then you can share this update through the LinkedIn Groups listed earlier here.

Lead Collection is a feature in LinkedIn Ads that allows advertisers to collect leads directly through their LinkedIn ad campaigns. When this feature is enabled, members who click on your ad will have an easy way to request that you contact them. And LinkedIn Ads recently also added the option for Video Ads.

What have your Hotel done to take charge of LinkedIn Lead Generation?

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