Twitter The BandWagon

In 2010 many Hotels and businesses were in Reaction mode. Everyone jumped onto Twitter because .. well the competitors did the same. Twitter became a Household name, we Tweeted wherever we went.

It has become our live Watercooler area. We discuss a range of various topics. It’s the era of relationship building.

Here are some of the value we gathered so far in 2010:

Diversified Market Place

It has become a diversified market place. You keep the pulse of enthusiastic consumers sharing their content.

Start listening to this market. This market responds to how much value you provide.

Information flow

All information is Dynamic, and it moves fast. Yesterday news is really yesterday’s news! So fasten your Tweet Belt and hang on.

Anticipate the consumer’s next move. Be a Social Trend setter.

Start utilizing surveys, polls, and information from Q & A sessions.

TwtPoll – Create Online Polls and Web Surveys


Be the real YOU of YOU! Know your customers, and Twitter will allow you to build relationships that develop loyal customers.


Engage outside your window of opportunity. Follow the 90/10 rule – where you tweet 90 percent related to your customers. And the last 10 percent of your service and product. But NO spams or hard sell.

My friends at The Charles Hotel has a nifty touch to their Twitter Profile. They engage in a great way with their consumers, and at the same time they provide an exclusive discount code. Twitter Discount Code: TWI at (*Note I am not affiliated or in partnership with The Charles Hotel – stay in touch with their Twitter account @CharlesHotel for future discounts*)

Twitter Marketing – Turn From Buzz To Biz

  • Surveys – Polls – Q and A
  • Locations
  • Deals – Coupons
  • Mobile application
  • Integrations
  • Streamlined Tools
  • Social insentives
  • Social Goodwill

Social Marketing will build on from the relationship era and move on to more Social Loyalty programs. Relationship, value, trust, and care is not enough to keep your consumers come back for more information.

Hotels and businesses will move their Loyalty programs into savvy mobile applications.

Flexibility and Transparency

Keywords for 2011 is Flexibility and Transparency. Twitter is one of many Social Networks that is getting more streamlined. And businesses will that will show more flexibility and be transparent in a Social Market will be the new trend setters for 2011.

The New Twitter is especially well set up for Videos. How many Hotels has utilized a creative Video incentive for their customers?

Josiah Mackenzie told us how Fairmont Hotels has done it in this articleFairmont Hotel put a Flip Camera on every property to easily record videos.

An upcoming trend is to provide deals, coupons or incentives through Twitter biz account.

Hotels are now starting to offering special Black Friday Deals Hotels in sales-tax free NH offer Black Friday deals to lure customers from neighboring states.

When Videos, deals, coupons, and incentives get more streamlined than Hotels or businesses that have positioned the Social Marketing and Social Media strategy will catch on to the buzz.

How prepared are your Hotel or Biz for 2011? Do you have your Social Media Strategy streamlined?