Social Media and New Media is providing Hotels with access to new exiting market segments.

Are Hotels effectively dipping into these market segments today?

Research show that online booking for Hotels is increasing rapidly. My friends at buuteeq show in their research that online bookings has grown close 50% over a 10 year period. And as much as 61% of Internet users in the US research online before they make an educated booking decision.

Primary research is done through search and reviews. This indicates that one of the more important strategies for Hotels to have in place is Reputation Management.

Social Media Challenges

The reports show some of the areas where Hotel faces challenges. And these areas is what provide future opportunities.

Hotels that provide accessible Social Sharing buttons experience 12% increase in pageviews over a 3 month period.

We see that today only 10% of Hotels is offering a booking solution on their Facebook Fan Pages. Not surprisingly promotions and deals is among the least popular action elements either on Facebook or on Twitter. Most popular is photos and videos that feature rooms and Hotel amenities.

The biggest growth area for New Media is within mobile Hospitality.


The biggest opportunities today for Hotels lays in Relationship Marketing. New market segments today is derived from engaging with the customer. Learning to know and meet their wants and needs in new ways.

As we see from the results below that implementing this in the Hotel Marketing plans results in increased occupancy and revenue.


buuteeq is a Seattle Washington based startup that makes a SaaS/Cloud Digital Marketing System (DMS) for independent hotels.

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