LinkedIn Contacts a smarter way to stay in Touch

LinkedIn Contacts: The CRM Tool that Simplify Hotel Social Network Collaboration

LinkedIn Contacts is the smarter way to stay in touch with your most important relationships.

This is your Hotels opportunity to bring all your contacts to one place. A personal note here; you can connect with emails, contacts, calendars, Social Networks and iPhone contacts.

This will give you a mix of friends, family and business relationships. It can be a rather daunting task to sort out all the various info to start with if you utilize all available options here. There are some great additions that will allow you to sort the relationships as you move on.

My advice here is to take it one step at the time, start with adding your LinkedIn Contacts first.

Contacts Setting

As you can see I also opted to connect with my Google Calendar. This new Social Network CRM has some great combinations with Google Calendar for upcoming events that is scheduled.

But more important is that it allows me to identify the relationship with my Network. As in this case I have set a reminder to follow up with Daniel Edward Craig.

Daniel Edward Craig

Smart Follow Ups made easy

LinkedIn Contacts send you emails that allows you to add new unique value to your Social Network. It will send you an email with info that contains anniversary data like birthdays, job celebration, promotions etc.

LinkedIn Contacts email
LinkedIn Contacts email

When you click on See More it brings you directly into LinkedIn Contacts. And here you will see the profiles from your email promoted “Start your day by staying in touch with your contacts”.

Contacts Connector

Your contacts is sorted like this;

  • All Contacts (This is based on selections you made in Contacts Settings)
  • Your Day
  • Connections (This is your LinkedIn Connections)
  • Saved
  • Companies
  • Titles
  • Locations
  • Sources
  • Potential Merges
  • Hidden

And under each of these categories you have options to show your contacts based on;

  • Recent Conversations
  • Newly Added
  • Alphabetic
  • Company
  • Location
  • Lost Touch

Tags taking CRM to a NEW Level

Contacts Tags

As you see there are some exceptional options to sort your Social Network Contacts. Tags let you group your Contacts based on your preferences.

Another great option with Tags is that here you can send your Contact a message via LinkedIn Message, Gmail or Twitter Mention. This provide a unique option for strategic collaborations. And it combine Social Networks with new strategic CRM Tools.

LinkedIn Contacts Message

At this time LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook is the primary Social Networks you can connect with.

How can Hotels benefit for LinkedIn Contacts?

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