Cloud Management is the principle of manage shared resources with everyone that is involved in a specified project.

After Google decided to discontinue Google Wave I have been looking for alternatives for Project Collaborations.

Project Collaboration is the future of Social Media projects. You will have the opportunity to dip into a pool of high-quality information.

Project Collaboration Tools

Collaboration is the process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goals. Social Media brings new aspects to prepare our products and services for the consumers.

Here are some great tools that I use for Project Collaboration;

Google Docs – create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentation and project calendars

Flickr Groups – create and share photos with project group

Evernote – capture and share ideas through your desktop, mobile or Tablet

Vimeo – product info during initiation phase

Dropbox – details of client projects

GoToWebinar – for training, coaching, seminars, adhoc info and follow ups

Consumer Interaction

Cloud Management allow your consumers to interact with ongoing projects in new and creative ways. This gives you the opportunity to discover your consumer’s needs and wants during the initiation phase.

Circle of Influence

You will create a circle influence during project development. New input channels will be available for no additional cost. Be willing to share valuable content, and your project will then have a great opportunity to go viral when you release it.

Virtual Assistant

You can also outsource elements of your project to a Virtual Assistant. This can be very cost efficient and help you with free up some of your time.

Social Networks

Each of the clients in the cloud can share elements of the projects with their Social Network for feedback. Have a proper Social Media Guideline in place.

Do you Cloud Manage your projects? Share with me what programs you utilize in your cloud.

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