Seth Godin says it really well in one of his articles; One of the new ways to grow your market segment today is to exchange your Sales Funnel for a Sales Network.

Traditionally we have a sales funnel where all prospect are shoveled in, and then the customers rolls out in the end. Today’s market segments is more Dynamic, and Hotels need to focus on innovations and creative collaborations with their market segments.

Rather then focusing on lead generations only, Hotels need to utilize their unique selling points to create an remarkable experience that guests can’t wait to share with their family and friends.

We have determined that there is a disconnect between Social Media and Hotel Bookings.

So the question becomes; What Unique Advantage do your Hotel offer to you New Market Segments?

The answer lays in your Social Network.

Hotels need focus on innovation and creative ways to collaborate with new market segments through Social Networks. And then find their Unique Selling Points which will reveal the secrets of New Media booking conversions.

Wyndham Worldwide has a unique project called Woman On Their Way. Wyndham has a dedicated website where savvy woman travelers share their expert tips. Or you can Join the world of traveling woman… on Facebook. If you are among the woman traveler that enjoy share your expert tips through Twitter, then catch up with @WyndhamWoman on Twitter. Maybe you prefer Video Tips.

The new reality for Hotels today is to collaborate with Social Networks, and then they will help share your Unique Selling Points. And remember we are still focusing on awareness for location, comfort and value. Bottom line the products and service hotels delivers should still reflect Hospitality principles. Wyndham as you see in the example above has found ways that illustrate this principle really well.

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