Confidential Online Visibility Secrets and Awesome Hotel Content

Social Media is playing an increasingly important role as an information source for both business and leisure travelers.

And it is trending towards Social Media becoming the new online travel agent.

Travel plays a key role today when users share information on Facebook. 52% of Facebook users indicated that their friends’ photos inspired their travel plans.

76% of travelers today share their vacation photos on various Social Networks.

The importance of this is that sharing a positive experience through photos on a Hotels Facebook Fan page is more likely to generate more likes and higher engagement.

Another important key to understanding online visibility for Hotels today is to look at Search actions. Several studies have concluded that Search Engines is among the top inspiration sources for travelers when research Hotels. Most Hotels today understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is important to understand is that Social Media contemplates for a large portion of the search results today. Search engines will direct travelers to the Hotels Social Media channels.

Today Hotels has to start to look at what it is that influence traveler in the early stages of their research.

Online Visibility for the New and Renewed Customers

The primary functions and strategies behind Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are positioning so your Hotel can be found online.

But today customers want to learn more about Hotels and what type of actions that are taken to add new values for their guests.

The keys to success lay in content presentation.

Likes, followers, and connections are all important Social Network footprints but I doubt you will find many customers that picked your Hotels due to several Likes, followers, and connections.

I seen many online marketers today start to talk about Content Shock or Overload. Typically this is due to lack of a strategy, and you ended up focus on things that were not that important.

You have to start to ask what are we trying to accomplish for the Hotel?

If you don’t know what ways Social Media represent a sustainable foundation for your Hotel you will fail.

In the research stage when travelers visit your Hotels Social Media Channels they are undecided about which brand they want to book their Hotel with.

Today we have to learn more about the Community Persona.

  • Who visit and like, follow or connect with your Hotels Social Media Channels?
  • Why do they visit, and like, follow or connect with your Hotels Social Media Channels?
  • What types of activities do they take when visit, like, follow or connect with your Hotels Social Media Channels?
  • How can you add value when they visit, like, follow or connect with your Hotels Social Media Channels?

We already know that that today it is trending towards customers no longer are loyal to a specific hotel brand. Social Media has given birth to what we today identify as Social Media fans.

Social Media fans and influencers

Today your Hotels content is as awesome as your community allows it to be. Content presentation and community go hand in hand. This is the secret juice that will spark new life into your Hotels online visibility.

Your Hotels Social Network foundations should include fans and customers, and show them that you appreciate their input. The quality of the interaction you have here will determine how far you can take this type of relationship.

Social Media will help amplify any message. And you want to avoid customers that toot their own horn too much. At the end of the day, we still have to take a look at how this drives real business results.

It is time to get over that your Hotel doesn’t have the time and resources to engage with customers and guests. Start train your Hotels team on the importance of Social Media fans and influencers. Invite them to your Hotel to have a live dialog with your team. Don’t be afraid to take Social Media offline. The best online visibility happens when guests at your Hotel share their unique experience with the community.

The most valuable content presentation happens when your guests share their experience and the community start engages here.

Online visibility is more than just being seen it inspire us to take action. When travelers do their research this is a golden opportunity to start to take advantage of what your Hotels Social Media channels have to offer.

Content on Social Media offers a real time escape from the daily routine today. A unique Hotel experience increases happiness for all parties involved.

Take advantage of your Social Media fans and influencers and allow them to influence the customer experience.

Create your Online Visibility Content portal

To avoid the pitfall of Content Shock or Overload create a portal that allows you to balance Hotel vs Community generated content.

A properly balanced portal will generate higher quality Community traffic. Pull in the people and prove that you are sincere with fun and delightful insights that add value.

When you pull it all together you are more likely to attract customers at the right time in their decision cycle.

How do your Hotel integrate new innovative ideas with traditional Hotel marketing strategies?

Surprise and delight are what makes dreams come true.


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