Chatbots and Facebook Messenger together is a real powerhouse and represent the future of Hotel Marketing.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs that carry out conversations with people using lightweight messaging app UI, language-based rules, or artificial intelligence. Chatbots converse with users using natural language (either voice or text) rather than traditional website or app user interfaces.

Why chatbots?

In traditional online and social advertising, we call a click of an ad or play of a video “engagement”. Engagement with a chatbot, on the other hand, is an active conversation with a user that is prepared to make an educated decision.

Hotels will now provide a personalized customer experience through Facebook Messenger.

Data from Statista show us that:

  • 72% of people use less than 7 apps a day
  • Over 2.5 million people use messaging apps
  • The Facebook app has the highest reach among mobile users in the US, while Facebook Messenger now has the second highest reach among mobile users in the US

A personalized experience to increase Hotel bookings

HiJiffy provides a service that allows Hotels to maximize the opportunity to personalize the engagement experience.

Facebook Messenger chatbot

Facebook has put in a lot of effort to help both businesses and users by turning Facebook Messenger into a portal where the Social Media engagement turns into an engagement of conversion.


HiJiffy makes the transaction effortless and it opens new doors and opportunities for Hotels.

The great thing is that their app works inside your Hotels Facebook Fan page, and customers don’t have to install any apps to take advantage of this.

And when customers make an educated decision to book a room with your Hotel HiJiffy provides familiar options for the customers to complete the transaction with Facebook Messenger.

Book a room

The new Hotel Concierge

It is now a growing trend in retail digital experiences is the use of chatbots to engage users in conversational mode. For Hotels, this opens a new world to implement known services in a new way.

Your chat is an extension of your Hotel brand and voice. These are reflected in the little details like the name you give your Hotel chatbot and the big details like the design of the conversation your Hotel chatbot uses to interact with your customers.


Social Upselling

The HiJiffy chatbot comes provides some unique features that will make Hotel owners happy. It takes advantage of the conversations and transaction mode and provides the customer with relevant upselling alternatives.

Upselling service

Increase TripAdvisor Reviews

The real advantage of the HiJiffy Facebook Messenger chatbot is that your Hotel now becomes part of the whole guest journey.

guest journey

HiJiffy has implemented TripAdvisor in a seamless way that adds additional value to the overall experience.


Your Hotel now has several unique reference points where you can impact the guest experience, and turn them into loyal customers.

Give it a test drive

Make sure you are logged into your personal Facebook profile. Then go here for a little HiJiffy Demo.


Facebook Native Advertising will help Hotels redefine the customer experience. Take advantage of new innovative strategies that will improve your Hotels ROI.

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Try something new it will magnetize your Hotel!

Be flexible and identify new ways to make guests happy.

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HiJiffy connects guests with hotel’s staff through Facebook Messenger. Guests can book a room, access hotel services, be informed of daily events taking place in the building or seek advice to sightsee the city by texting the hotel’s Facebook page.

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