LinkedIn is the largest professional network with over 100 millions members and growing rapidly.

For your Hotel brand it will improve;

  • brand equity
  • professional presence
  • search engine optimization
  • lead generation
  • call to action touch points
  • Social CRM
  • consumer engagement with network and peers
  • response and reputation management
  • market segments
  • revenue

1. Building Brand Equity

Networking with your consumers and peers is a unique way to build brand equity for your Hotel. LinkedIn provides you will several touch points that allows your to build a solid foundation for your brand.

2. Professional Presence

Company Pages allows you to showcase a professional profile of your Hotel. This is a unique channel for your network and peer to start build a relationship with your Hotel brand. Put emphasis on a positive profile. A key Ninja tip here is to encourage your peers to build their personal profile, and then link it to your company page.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of key elements of utilizing LinkedIn is due to this professional networks high page rank. Add valuable keywords for your Hotel brand on your company page and personal profiles to be easier found on Search Engines. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is one of the pillars to get ranked high on Search Engines today.

4. Lead Generation

Lead Generation is created by engaging with your network and peers through LinkedIn Group, and answering and asking questions through LinkedIn Answer. According to eMarketer and HubSpot data from January 2010 – 45% of North American B2B companies using LinkedIn for marketing had acquired a customer through the site.

5. Call To Action Touch Points

You can use both Dynamic and Static call to action elements for your network. LinkedIn Plugins provide some great alternatives to utilize both these elements. One example is to provide Static Call to actions on your Company Page for Free downloads of PDF documents that appeal to various event planners.

Use either the SlideShare or Google Presentation applications to present some great slides to your network.

6. Social CRM

Relationship building is one of the key factors that will make your brand stand out on LinkedIn. Apply all your Social Customer Relationship Management strategies here. ROE (Return Of Engagement) is the true long term value for your Hotel.

7. Consumer Engagement with Network and Peers

Use crowd-sourcing techniques and get your consumer involved with your brand. Give them high value, and you will start develop champion advocates. Empower your peers to take ownership of your Hotel brand. Involvement is the secret sauce to success.

8. Response and Reputation Management

Developing listening strategies for you brand and keywords is crucial. Timely and proper response is key for reputation management. Implement listening strategies for daily activities, weekly activities, monthly activities and during various popular ongoing events. Tracking your brand is key to long term success.

9. Market Segments

Find new and attractive market segments through LinkedIn’s many search options. Your can search through these options;

  • People (profiles)
  • Updates
  • Jobs
  • Companies (company pages)
  • Answers
  • Inbox
  • Groups

With advanced search options you can find valuable details that can help reach out to new market segments. Innovation and creativity is key elements in this process. Effective prospecting strategies can be done by some of the techniques mentioned under Call To Action Touch Points.

10. Revenue

Following the principles will over time generate a positive outcome. A case-study from SmartBrief for the The Carlton Hotel reveals how in less than 90 days after implementation, the Carlton’s five-person sales team sourced $186,550 in new corporate and group business.

What’s your Hotels reason for NOT engage on LinkedIn?