Hotel Social Media Strategy

In 2013, Social Media will move from fast to instant. Collaboration is the new standard. Hotels need to have their Social Media Strategy implemented in record time.

Here are 19 Ideas for Finishing your Hotel Social Media Strategy in Record Time;


Your objectives should be simple and clear. And focus on 1-3 objectives for high Social Media Success.

1. Generate Word Of Mouth

One of the primary goals for many Hotels is to develop a base of Loyal Customers that both return and refer the Hotel to their friends and family.

With Social Media we follow the same principle, only Hotels now should focus on developing a base of Loyal Fans. These are the Fans that will cultivate content about your Hotel to their Social Networks. They will engage, and take action to assure your Hotel provide a quality product.

These Loyal fans will act as the Story Tellers that will add the secret sauce to the ultimate Hotel Experience.

2. Network & Collaborate with Loyal Fans

Identify Communities or Groups on Social Networks where your Loyal Fans hangs out. And then start to engage with them on topics that they care about. Showing that your Hotel care is among the top values for building trust with your customers.

Empower your Loyal fans to provide your Hotel with ideas and inputs on your products & services. Networking & Collaborations start with Serve Your Customers.

Hotel Networking is a new vibrant community for Networking & Collaboration with Hospitality Professionals.

3. Create Cross-Marketing Channels with Loyal Fans

Google+ CommuntiesLinkedIn GroupFacebook PageTwitterPinterest and YouTube are all Social Networks that provide some form of Community where your Hotels Loyal fans hangs out.

Build one-to-one connections across Social Networks to attract new leads. Provide Channel specific intensives like contests, surveys, polls or hangout specials.


Make your goals measurable. With most goal setting strategies, it is beneficial to add in a time frame.

Social Media encourage live and instant action. So here I recommend focusing more on what you want to measure.

4. Increase Google+ Communities with 150%

Collaborate & Network on Google+ Communities to find customers and peers that share common interests. Here you can post images, videos, fresh content, plan events, and have a face to face discussion in a hangout.

After you invited your Hotels friends and network to join your Community, then encourage them to invite their friends and network to the Community.

Hotel Networking Community

5. Increase email subscribers with 125%

Emails provide very high click through rates. Utilize your Social Media real estate for email subscriptions. Giveaways are great to call to actions incentives. Your Hotel blog is a great channel to encourage email subscriptions.

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6. Improve Social Share from Loyal Fans with 50%

Always make sure that your content educate. entertain and empowers your Hotels Loyal fans to keep them engaged and coming back for more. Make sure you respond to any inquiry in your Community.

Provide an easy call to action content that add value to the Community. Google+ Communities allows you to set up various categories. Set up a Q & A section where either you or a special guest answer questions from your community. Here you set up a dedicated day and time frame for consistency.

Google+ Communities provide the options to set up a link for any specific post. This makes it very easy to provide invited to a Q & A session.


Create deliberate strategies that focus on succeeding with your goals. Also, put emphasis on Collaboration & Networking.

7. Convert Social Engagement into 1M in Bookings

Identify your Hotels Unique Selling Points that allows your guest to create a remarkable Hotel experience that they can’t wait to share with their friends and family. Listen, engage and act to provide your guest with a storyboard that is easy to share.

Instant Feedback is the new metric for the ultimate Customer Experience. Showing that you care will build trust. The Social Media Customers will take action with Hotel Brands they know like and trust.

8. Contribute to Hospitality / Travel Events / Webinars

Social Networking adds a new dimension to traditional Hospitality Services. It allows the Hospitality to take their products and service out to new areas. Sponsoring and participate on these type of venues allows Hotels to create awareness to new market segments. It also opens for meeting customers on a specific event, or collaborate with them via webinars.

Social Media & Mobile Strategies in 2013 organized by Eyefortravel is one example where a large network of Hoteliers and Travelers collaborate & network.

Online-classes Webinars organized by ReviewPro is one example how you can set up and arrange Webinars for your customers.

9. Invite Customers to Events / Webinars

Take Social Media engagement to the next level, and start to invite customers to Events / Webinars where your Hotel is contributing or sponsor.

Invitations can be provided through simple Web forms or emails.

I invite you to come and Collaborate & Network with me at Social Media & Mobile Strategies in 2013.

10. Provide Loyal Fans trade secrets

Woman on Their Way by Wyndham Worldwide is a dedicated program to female travelers.

Here Woman business travelers share unique Getaway tips and secrets.

11. Gather Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback is often beneficial with a launch of new product or service, or upcoming changes that your Hotel has scheduled.

Start hosting a Social Network Focus group in a relationship with your traditional segmentation strategies. Google+ Communities is great way to reach a target market segment with your questions.


Put simple action plans in place. Action plans should complete your strategies, but no be overwhelming. Make room for change and adaptation if needed.

12. Hotel Networking Google+ Community Hangout

Hosting virtual meetings and presentations future of Hospitality. With Google+ Communities you can add great features that make your meeting or presentation stand out.

The SlideShare App is a easy way to give a great presentation.

Cacoo lets your create diagrams for real time collaboration.

Scoot & Doodle is a great way to spark a funny and innovative presentation.

13. Provide trade-offs to selected Loyal Fans

Develop a strong relationship with your Loyal Fans, and provide them with exclusive incentives. Hotels can collaborate with mommy bloggers, travel bloggers, hotel bloggers etc and set up Social Media trade-offs.

One example can be that bloggers will recommend the Hotels products or services through their Social Media Channels during a specific campaign period. The trade-off here can be taken out of the Hotels Marketing Budget. The Benefit-Cost ratio of pulling off this type of trade-off generates more ROI than the cost of the project.

14. Google+ Community Landing Page

Creating a landing page through your Hotel Blog is a great way for lead-capturing. And this provides you with a great way to measure your date and collect demographic data about your customers.

Hotel News – Landing Page

15. Syndicate Content Google+ Communities => Twitter

Syndicating content from Google+ to Twitter is a great way to reach a wider audience. Works really well for cross-marketing, and lead generation.

ManageFlitter provides you with a set of easy to use tools to empower you to work smarter and faster with Twitter.

Extended Share for Google+ is an application for Google Chrome that allows you share content from Google+ to Twitter or other Social Networks of your choice.

16. Eyefortravel’s Social Media & Mobile Strategies for Travel 2013

Sponsor, Contribute, Participate, Network & Collaborate at events is a very effective strategy to reach out to your customers.

For example during Social Media & Mobile Strategies in 2013 you will see a lot of activity under the Twitter hashtag #eftamerica. Here attendees share tips and tidbits live from the event.

17. Theme Specific Videos

The video will continue to grow as a great medium to showcase the many unique stories from your Hotel. To pull this off require a little portion of innovation and creativity.

Ace Hotels Video Channel is a forum for musings, pertinent miscellany, performances and cultural happenings at all Ace Hotels. This is a great example of what a little portion of innovation and creativity can do.

18. Turn Trade Secrets into Free PDF/ White Paper / eBook

Collect and save information that your Loyal Fans share on your Network. Utilize this info and turn it into a Free PDF, White Paper or eBook. Use this info as great intensive to attract new leads to your Social Network.

Social Networking consists of 90% of giving value, the last 10% is all about reciprocity.

19. Bring Trade Secrets to your Blog

Your blog is your Hotels Story Board. This is where you utilize all of your Hotels reference points. Share unique Trade Secrets on your blog. And if customers make comments, always make sure you respond.

Your blog will be you Social Media Hub. My friends at The Roger Smith Hotel brilliant blog Roger Smith Life has all ingredients of great Story Telling.

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