Relationship Marketing Strategies

What is really Social Media Relationships?

I have previously talked about the paradigm shift Relationship Marketing Strategies can provide for Hotel Bookings.

Many Hotels has thousands of followers, friends, likes, connections or +1’s. But this is not equal to having thousands of customers. Most of the Social Media relationships is more of the casual types.

A casual relationship is defined as the relation between an event (the cause) and a second event (the effect), where the second event is understood as the consequence of the first.

The casual relationship is both fascinating, and at the same time very unpredictable.

Now the truth is that very few brands has the capacity to have a formal relationship with all thousands of followers, friends, likes, connections or +1’s. So how can your Hotels solve this dilemma, and experience some Social Media buzz?

1. Determine your Likability Factor

Customer today love to be active on various Social Network channels. They share and engage directly with big brands, and this makes them feel more than ever that their voice is heard.

And many of these customers have a large base of followers in their various networks. When they share a message it goes out to thousands in seconds.

So key here is to have a proper strategies in place.

Build your strategies on four simple principles.
a) Determine your end Social Network Goals
b) Take actions you believe is most likely to give the desired results
c) Monitor your actions, and measure your results
d) Be Flexible and make necessary changes to achieve the desired results

2. Determine the value of Likability

Value proposition: The Hotels promise to deliver on particular combination of values – price, quality, performance, selection and convenience.
Value driven Hotel: Combination of operation processes, management systems, hotel structure, and a culture that provide the hotel to deliver its value proposition.
Value discipline: Combining operation models and value propositions to be the best in their markets.

With Social Media with introduce the values of Networking and Collaboration. And the key is to MEASURE key performance indicators (KPI) for your Social Network efforts.

There are three main indicators here;

  • Share of voice
  • Influencers
  • Advocates (Loyal Fans)

3. Determine what’s behind Likability

When it comes to Social Networking and Relationship Marketing most brands seems to have it upside down. And actually it is not their fault! It is what we all are made to believe is the question that open all the doors the sphere of Social Media.

We have been thought that our questions should start with a “How…”. I don’t have any data or statistics of how many articles you that is circling around today that start with a “How…”. Though I am sure we will find millions of various “How…” articles. And I am not in any way discouraging you from either write or read a “How…” article. Most training and courses will tell us that “How…” is the superpower that attract Search Engine Spiders and readers. All you need to do is take a look at some of the top performing blogs today, and I am sure that in less than 5 minutes you will able to find a “How…” article in their archives. More than likely you will also see that these articles have high numbers of Tweets/Retweets, Likes, Shares, Pins, Stumbles, +1 and more.

Why then is this the wrong question to ask? Well it is NOT the wrong question to ask, it is just the wrong FIRST question to ask. Before you jump, remember the point here is to Determine what’s behind Likability!

The answer lays in the question. We have to start asking WHY, and then the HOW will show up.

Why should customers LIKE your brand?
Why will X numbers of LIKES make a difference to your brand?
Why should customers Engage with your brand?
Why will Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+/YouTube/Pinterest be a valuable platform for building a relationship with our customers?
Why should our Hotel have a Social Network Strategy in place that focus on Reputation Management?
Why is ROI from Social Networking important to our Hotel?

The key here to Network and collaborate with your customers. One question I like to ask Hotels is Why Should Your Hotel Create a Community of Raving Fans?

And the last point I want to make is; Make sure your Hotel have a plan to follow up with your customers.

Do your Hotel struggle with Relationship Marketing Strategies?

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