4 Tips To Make your Hotels Twitter Profile share-worthy

4 Tips To Make your Hotels Twitter Profile share-worthy

Implementation Strategies for your Hotels Twitter profile is important so you get set up the right way.

After your Hotel has got the Implementation Strategies in place, it is time to move toward some Execution Strategies.

When you start moving the pendle form Implementation towards Execution, then you need to be mindful of that Twitter is a P2P (People to People) or as some define it H2H (Human to Human) Network.

After you put in place your Hotels new Twitter Profile there are few simple ways to create Social awareness that will make your profile share-worthy.

1. It starts with Listening

Pay attention to what’s going around you on Twitter. The dialogs and information is shared in real-time. And some of these dialogs can be about your Hotel. Not having a Twitter Account will not prevent people to talk about your Hotel on Twitter.

Being talked about on Twitter is not a bad thing, unless you chose to ignore it.

You want to find as many ways as you can to tune in. It all start with learning to embrace the Twitter Eco-system.

No doubt there is an abundance of tools that will allow you to embrace the Twitter Eco-system. And I know it can be rather overwhealming for many Hotels to grasp on to this challenge.

I advice that for your listening strategies on Twitter include your brand name, product/service and your Twitter handle. And also listen to relevant keywords for your Hotel. More advanced strategies can include #hashtags, sentiments and location.

Listening is catogorized into:

  • Social Listening which indentify sentiment and volume of conversation
  • Crisis Management which indentify and analyze concerns
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) – follower growth, follower quality and engagement, reach, traffic (how many go to your Hotel web site), conversion (how many book a room)

Start with simple Listening strategies;

  • Using Twitter Search options
  • Build Communities with influencers and industry thought leaders
  • Check out competition

A proper response is key:

2. Focus on Conversational Balance

A good balance on Social Media is a very hard concept for many Hotels to accept. For a good Twitter conversation your Hotel need to be approximate 80% conversational Tweets that add value to your customers total experince. The remainding 20% is about indetifying new ways that will make your Hotels Social Marketing stand out.

3. Engage with content that add value to the Customer Experience

While you listen and talk on Twitter, be sure to also interact with others. Twitter is a conversation tool, and customers will measure you by your interactions.

Twitter works really well in your favor when you are able to spark a conversation that get a lot of mentions from your Network.

Listening helps you identify discussions about your Hotel, but it want do you much good if you don’t engage in the conversations. And don’t have a hidden agenda with your engagement. Be a human, and show that you care.

4. Connect outside Twitter

Of course we need to take your Hotel Twitter connections to the next level. This is where your Hotel should start think outside the box.

Sent out a special invite to your Twitter network:


Find creative ways to bring people in your Twitter Network to your Hotel. You have to use the ability to bring the conversation offline and into your Hotel.

Gratitude is a awesome way to show your Twitter Followers that you care:

Have your Hotel arranged a tweetup, event, meeting, special occasion that brought your Twitter Network to your Hotel?

Social Media Coaching for Hotels

I am here to help your with the basics of your Hotels Twitter Profile, more Followers, Loyal Fans or ROI.

My main focus is how to bring the Hotel Experience to your targeted customers in ways that make them take action.

If your Hotel want to partner with a Social Media Coach today then check out my Social Media Coaching Program for Hotels.

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