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If you want your Hotels products and services to attract wealthy influential professionals then your Hotel need a presence on LinkedIn.

More then 60 percent of LinkedIn users are decision makers in their companies or have direct influence over key decisions.

Let us take a look at 5 Overlooked Value Propositions your Hotel can create with LinkedIn:

1. Don’t wait for your customers to come to you – go get them

As a Hotelier one of your top priorities is always to bring in new customers. The only way to do this is to go out and search for those and who can be your best customers and refer future business. LinkedIn provide you with some unique option for driving results.

You now can network and collaborate with the best and brightest – decision makers. Connecting with professional with large network provide ripple effects your Hotel used to only be able to dream about.

2. Network and Collaborate with others

Start make networking and collaboration part of your Hotels Social Network Strategy.

a. Daily Status updates – you can post informative updates through your LinkedIn Company Page
b. Start discussion in LinkedIn Groups – ask question – post a poll to collect data
c. Respond to questions – demonstrate your expertise
d. Host a LinkedIn Party – this is one of those times where you can bring Customers outside LinkedIn and invite them to a Google+ Hangout
e. Add rich media to your profile

3. Find your Customer in LinkedIn Groups

You can join up to 50 LinkedIn Groups.

Follow some simple principles when you join LinkedIn Groups:
a. Participate
b. Read the Groups Guideline
c. Don’t join groups with similar members

4. Create a Loyal Fan LinkedIn Community

Take charge of LinkedIn Presence and create your own LinkedIn Group. Here you are in charge of the content. Monitor a fair and open discussion. Don’t be afraid to allow customers to raise concerns, or ask though questions.

You are here allowed to send out weekly announcement to your LinkedIn Group members. Use this opportunity to invite your Loyal Fans to your LinkedIn Party.

5. Consistent Content Creation

I am in 50 LinkedIn Groups. Here are some Strategies I follow:
a. Check LinkedIn Group that allows Links
b. If Group allows for text content only I have spreadsheet with 5-6 different content contributions related to my articles
c. I follow my Relationship Marketing strategies
d. Organize your LinkedIn Contacts

Are your Hotel ready to start taking advantage of all the networking and collaboration opportunities LinkedIn has to offer?

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