I have showed you How to find great Hotel Talents on LinkedIn.

Here are some simple Hotel Ninja tips to flip your Hotel Resume, and this will also help your profile stand out.

Now you can turn your LinkedIn Profile into beautiful resume just in seconds.

1. Discover the Resume Builder

Put your resume in one place with the Resume Builder.

Let’s face it – keeping your online resume in sync and ready at hand is a difficult job. You have to regularly update your contact and work related information, the clients with whom you have worked or currently working and other whereabouts of your business.

2. Pick your resume templates

Choose the style that fits you best; classic, modern, business, executive, law and more.

3. Easily edit your resume

The Resume Builder automatic fetch info from your profile, so you can customize it as you want. You can edit any of your sections; summary, specialities, education, experience and more).

4. Share with your network and peers

You can export your resume as a PDF document and print it at any time. You will also get a custom link that you can share via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, email etc.

5. Simple profile formatting

Use * (asteriks) in front of text in profile. Resume builder will convert this to a bullet point.

* Hotel Advisor
* Hotel Consultant

  • Hotel Advisor
  • Hotel Consultant

Make text bold with two asterisks on each side of text.

** Take action today **
Take action today

For italic put underscore _ on each side of the text.

_ Look no more your dream candidate is just one click away _
Look no more your dream candidate is just one click away

Take the hassle out of resume building. Start creating your champion Job and LinkedIn profile today with Resume Builder.

If you have optimized your profile you already have one foot inside your next dream job.