I have previously in Are your Facebook Fan Page the Kung Fu Panda Of Fan Pages? looked into some creative strategies for fan engagement.

Before you start out creating your Hotels Fan Page, make sure you have set up your Social Media Guideline.

How To Create a Social Media Guideline that Sizzle

And then follow up with some research for your Social Media Strategy.

13 Social Media Market Research Tools To Kick Start Your Social Media Strategy

Where do you start?

Create a Page

  1. Select a name – use your business, hotels name, product or brand name
  2. Select proper category
  • Community Page – for general topic
  • Local Business
  • Brand / Product / Service

  • Artist / Band / Public Figure

If you are administrating either a Local Business or Brand / Product / Service page this will operate similar on Facebook. A Community Page has some limitation.

5 Simple Reason Why Hotels Need a Facebook Fan Page

  • Visibility – use search engine friendly terms, and post info regularly
  • Location – your Hotel or Small business becomes mobile
  • Advertising – targeted advertisements
  • Engagement – communicate – build relationships, trust and provide great value
  • Response – provide proper response

Have FUN!!

Do Hotels or Small Businesses really need a Facebook Fan Page? Let me know your thoughts.

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