10 Surpricing Reasons to Create Dynamic Social Media Profiles

5 Surprising Reasons to Create Dynamic Social Media Profiles

Static Content has served Hotels well for many years. Based on demographics and targeted market segments predicting Occupancy and Revenue has been a fairly streamlined process.

Social Media has stirred up this process for all of us either we like it or not. And the reason often is that today information is more available for customers. The customers decision process is not as predictable anymore. New factors like likability, engagement, social response, care, network, collaboration and belonging comes to play.

The two main factors your Hotel should focus on when building your Social Media Profiles is surprise and delight. You have a very short time span to grab your customers attention, so be innovate.

Consistency is out – Dynamics is in

But all “experts” tells us we need to be consistent with our Social Media Profile. If that is what works for you then fine. Yeah I agree in the matter that you can’t be on Facebook providing 5 Star Service, and then on Twitter you provide 3 Star Service or visa versa.

I create Social Media Profile Templates for my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter profiles. Here is some sample Social Media Profiles you can create:

  • Targeted market segment (millennials, couples, business traveler etc)
  • Seasonal (low season, peak season, spring, summer, fall, winter etc)
  • Events (concert, sports, city arrangements etc)
  • Attractions
  • Holidays
  • Special Occasions (Weddings, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthdays)

The key is to create a Social Media Profile that address the needs and wants of your Hotels Customers.

Value Proposition is the new currency

Social Media provides Hotels with an opportunity to reconstructing customer value elements by presenting reference points that delights the customer. The key is to identify new solutions to marketing systems that already exists. If you primary focus is on price customers will always opt for the lowest price. Hotels today need to focus on superior value for the price points.

With a dynamic Social Media Profile that is centered on surprice and delight you will create new demands through a leap in customers value at an accessible price.

Communicate not Inform

Story telling is a skill all Hotels today need to apply to their training programs. Customers today expect a two way dialog. And one key here is to focus the stories around reference points, and use visual strong elements to tell a story.

Include and make your customer part of your story. Why is this so important? Because it is easier for the customer to remember the Story then just your Hotel Name. And this is one reason that I put emphasis on a Dynamic Social Media Profile.

Stage It

Disney has a lot of creative process in place that make it so successful. One of the key success factors is that they train their employees to become performers. This means that Disney has performers at every possible reference points customers comes in touch with.

Once I was walking downtown in Miami, Florida. And I ran into a film crew that was shooting a scene for CSI Miami. And the film crew spent a lot of time to make sure the lightning was set properly. And often this is the process that will require the most attention for your Social Media Profile. When you start create your Hotels Social Media Profile make sure to have the right vision in place.

The film crew spent also time making sure they had all the camera angles perfected. Right focus can often be the most challenging process for Hotels when it comes to Social Media. If you are off focus you will end up with a fuzzy picture.

And when the crew had lightning and perfect camera angles it was time for action. This is the time where the performers is acting accordingly to the vision (script).

Keep the Suspension

We want customers to ask for more. Suspense and thrill rides brings out the inner child in all of us. In a Dynamic process you provide new suspense and thrill rides that trigger retention.

When creating Suspense remember it is all about the reader. Your readers buy into the story because it serve a function, and it provides them with an experience.

Simplicity and Clarity helps the readers to understand better what is at stake. You want to catch their attention on first impression, and trigger that something is gained or lost.

Serve & Thanks

Service and Gratitude should be built into the backbones of every Hotel. Utilize your Social Media Profiles to serve your network and customers. Start with giving first, share content from your customers that will add value to other in your network. And always thanks customers or people in your network that share information about your Hotel.

Great Social Media Profiles will serve as a valuable outpost for your Hotel. Start surprising and delighting your customers today.

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