Pinterest Social Handshake Tips for Hotels

Pinterest Social Handshake Tips for Hotels

5 Ways to Market Your Hotel Using Place Pins

With a little help from Airbnb, Yelp and TripAdvisor, Pinterest and Foursquare were able to partner up and build an interactive Pinterest map that will transform the way travelers plan their vacations. Everything you need to market your hotel in a simple, traveler-friendly style is right at your fingertips with Place Pins. With the beautiful imagery of a travel magazine and the simplicity of an online map in mind, Place Pins were designed to allow users to learn about new locations, plan vacations with ease and even share their Pinterest Boards with friends.

By creating a collaborative Pinterest board that highlights the best restaurants, activities and events near your location, you can become the tour guide for your city. When a user opens up the board, a map similar to what you would see on Google Maps will pop up with numbered drop pins. Each number corresponds with a pinned image on the left side of the board.  The user can book a stay by simply clicking a pin on the map to view the phone number and the address of the location. To make the process even easier for the user, Place Pins are optimized for both mobile and desktop devices. There’s no need to visit a website, and all of the contact information is available at the click of a button.

Place Pins have taken the hassle out of travel planning, and now it’s easier than ever for guests to book the getaway of their dreams. You can make this even easier for your guests by keeping a few simple strategies in mind:

Please note, before you begin setting up your Place Pins on Pinterest, head over to Foursquare to ensure that listing information is set-up correctly.

1) By creating a board such as “Top Favorite Food Destinations” or by curating pins with themed travel getaways for your location, you can draw in a broader audience.  This is an example of what Ballarat Lodge did with their Place Pins map page to draw in potential guests. People are attracted to stunning images, and stunning images get repinned—so share your best pictures of the location and aim for those repins!

Best of Ballarat

2) After a guest books a room, you could include a link to the Pinterest board in the confirmation email so that they can see what your location has to offer. No need to search online, no wasting time—they find what they’re looking for with the click of a button.

3) Encourage your guests to pin their spot after visiting. The more pins you have from different users, the larger your reach will be.

4) Get creative with it and show your products at different sights near your location. Get a shot of the beach with your hotel towel in the sand, snap a picture of your employee uniform at a local coffee shop—any image that associates your hotel with that particular location.

5) Be interactive—set up a board of places that have inspired you to travel, and make sure that you support your guests by repinning their pins. Consider making a community board where locals can pin and showcase everything that the area has to offer. For example, check out what the Four Seasons did with their Extraordinary Honeymoons their community board. You’ll notice the majority of these links go back to the Four Seasons hotel website.

Extraordinary Honeymoons

Bonus Tip: Make sure to choose the correct category when you make a new Pinterest board by selecting “Travel” and make sure to click “add map” on. And it doesn’t hurt to add keyword-rich description with a link to your website.

Best of Ballarat

According to Pinterest, people pin about 1.5 million places every day. There are now more than 750 million pins of these destinations on the platform that continue to be repinned, inspiring its users to travel to dream destinations. Now more than ever, social media is revolutionizing the entire traveling experience for your guests. With a little help from Place Pins and a few simple strategies, you can ensure that your guests have the vacation of a lifetime.

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