I have previously discussed How Hotels Can Leverage LinkedIn Company Pages for more Bookings.

Some additional tips is to connect your Hotel LinkedIn Profile up towards your Company Page. And optimize your profile to attract more leads for your Hotel.

From Marriott International’s profile we can see that over 18,000 of their employees is on LinkedIn. This creates a lot of indirect lead back to your Hotel.

I can directly contact my 1st and 2nd line LinkedIn Network. If I have any question related to their Hotel I have the opportunity here to connect. It is crucial that your Hotel have a system in place for proper Social Media response.

Therefore it is important that you teach your Hotel employees some key LinkedIn touch points.

Here are some simple tips to help you optimize;

1. Your Title

Start list your primary function, and related functions that is relevant. There is a limit of 120 character in the headline.

What are your audience typically searching for when they look for your type of service?

You can split up your headline in four or five elements to describe services you offer.

2. Current and past work

These options are very key word friendly. So add in your industry in your job descriptions. As long as you actually have worked in the industry you refer to this is within the TOS of LinkedIn. And it is also ok to list more then one current position. You have 100 characters available on your position title. Don’t be afraid to use it.

3. Public Profile

Customize your public profile url to your name or nick name. Be creative if you have a name that is very common. Use business profile name then. Add a professional image of yourself.

My profile url looks like this: http://www.linkedin.com/in/aremorch

And I use a image that I use on other Social Networks I participate on.

To change your Public Profile url;

  • click on Settings on the top right side
  • click on edit public profile
  • click on Customize your public profile
  • fill in your new info and Set Custom Url
  • you have from 5 – 30 characters available – so be creative

Another thing that help your profile is have it 100% complete. You are on your own able to get your profile up to 85%. The last 15% is based on recommendations. 3 recommendations is the key to get your profile 100%.

Tip: Start out providing recommendations to others.

4. Summary

Here you have up to 2000 characters available.

Focus on 3 key touch points in your summary;

a) Who you are
b) How you help
c) Who you help

And add some of your keywords in this summary.

5. Specialties

Here you should provide a list of your specialties. All descriptions you will have in your summary. Here you just provide key word listings.

For specialties you have 500 characters available.

  • Hotel Advisor
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Hotel Consultant
  • Customer Service Spesialist
  • Speaker

6. Call To Action

Make sure you add in some call to action touch points in your profile.

LinkedIn allows you to add 3 websites to your profile. Add in links for your Hotels call to action websites.

Website Anchor Text: 30 maximum characters.
Website URL: 256 maximum characters

Also add in 2 – 3 call to action lines in your summary.

Bonus tip: Change your profile once a week. Track your changes in a spreadsheet. And write down the goals for your keywords, and write down status for the week. Changes of your profile get posted on the status updates for your 1st degree network, and sent out in email notices.

Depending on the reach of the keywords following some of these key points can help you get on the first page of the LinkedIn search for your keyword.

Here is an example of one of the keywords where I am in the top position.

What have you done to optimize your Hotel LinkedIn Profile?