Juice up your Hotels engament with LinkedIn Plugins.


Make it easy for your network and peers to share your information with their network. As you keep build better relationships with your network and peers they will start share your information with their network. This is a natural part of following the principles of networking.

Personal Profile

You can also share your Hotels Employee LinkedIn profiles on your website or blog. This is another great touch point for reaching out and build a stronger relationship with your peers.

Why not do a Employee of the Moment presentation on your website or blog and show their LinkedIn Profile.

Company Insider

Company Insider is great way to connect your employees with your company, and then use this to show people that visit your Hotels blog or website who in their network that works with your Hotel.

This how you use empowerment and crowd-sourcing to engage with your network and peers. Be creative in your Hotels usage on LinkedIn.

Company Profile

Company Profile provide a nice short overview of your company.

This is a great plugin to add to your blog or website so that your consumers can connect your with your company profile on LinkedIn.

Recommend with LinkedIn

Recommendation is a great way to build brand equity on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a plugin that made it easy for consumer to recommend your company, and your products and services.

Engagement comes is so many unique forms. LinkedIn has provided your Hotel Brand with some unique B2B engagement tools.

Follow us on LinkedIn

Put some simple Follow Us on LinkedIn touch points on your website or blog to allow your network and peers follow your Hotels updates.

Follow my company on Linkedin. And start learning how you can leverage your Hotel through proven networking principles.

Are Morch - Hotel Advisor and Social Media Strategist on LinkedIn

Have your Hotel utilized some LinkedIn Plugins to spark engagement?