A goal or objective is a projected state of affairs that a person or a system plans or intends to achieve—a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development. Many people endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines.

Social Media is changing how we all are involved in the process of providing champion customer service. You have to get your employees engaged. And it all start with your Hotels goals and values.

Here are some tips to get the process started at your Hotel;

Involve all employees to contribute to the most important goals

Don’t let goals be a top to bottom spiral. Think outside the box and involve your employees. Let them take ownership of their own workplace.

Make all goals meaningful

When your hotel start involve employees apply some of these questions;

What’s really important to you?
What’s the purpose of doing this?
What am I prepared to give up to make this happen?

Starting this process is often the most difficult process for many. But answering these questions will get the employees and the Hotel in the right direction.

A final question to ask in this process is;

What are the rewards and benefits for this new action?

Action = Reaction => provide the opportunity of change and/or adaptation
No Action = No Reaction => provide status quo

Letting the employees answer this question is the most important part of the process. And then together put in place a system that follow up on this, and make it happen.

Goals must be specific and measurable

This require to share some of the important metrics with the employees in a way that they can understand. Most Hotel Employees should have an basic understanding of ADR – Average Daily Rate, RevPar – Revenue Per Available Room, Occupancy and GSI – Guest Satisfaction Index. These are all metrics that employees have a great opportunity to have an positive effect on.

Share with the employees where you are, and then together set out where you want to go.

Make goals flexible

It is very important to add in some flexibility when you get your employees on-board to help your Hotel progress.

Catch them do something right, and then reward the small positive changes.

Many are not used to set goals, and goals can be set either to high or to low. And show the employees that it is often easier to keep up with the positive, then make up for the negative.

With Social Media we have tool that can effect our GSI in new unique ways. So put focus on rewarding positive change on GSI scores.

Make goals challenging and exiting

It is totally ok to add some fun and excitement into the Hotels goals.

Create an fun wall at your Hotel. Encourage your employee to bring on a joyful attitude to work, and have some fun with it. Let them share ideas with everyone else in the Hotel and apply these it ideas into the Hotel.

Does your Hotel have a Employee Of The Moment reward?

NOTE: The main principle here is to get the thought and fun process going.

Goals must be aligned with your Hotels values

You want to make sure none of the goals conflict with the Hotels value and window of opportunity.

If your Hotel don’t have an ocean view it is impossible then to provide this product to your guest. But if your Hotel don’t have a laundry service at the Hotel it is possible to provide this service while guest is at the Hotel.

Also make sure to involve your employees in your Social Media Guidelines and Social Media Strategies.

Balance your Hotels goals

There is nothing wrong with encourage and challenge your employees to share their personal – family and business goals. Plus I some fun and pleasure in there.

Life is too short not to have some fun and be able to relax – plus do the things you really want to do. When it comes time for me to look back on my legacy I don’t want to find myself regret all the things I wanted to do, but never did.

Have some fun at your Hotel 🙂

Include giving in your goals

One of the things I learned is that if you give with a closed hand – it is very hard to receive back. But if you give with a open hand – you will receive back in abundance.

Giving is not only related to money – give your time – give your expertise – give your advice – give a smile 🙂

And this is where Social Media really come into play. If you give with your hearth you will create Social Footprints that will reward your Hotel.

Have the proper support for your goals

It is important that everyone in the Hotels organisation support the goals and the process.

Adversity is not a question of if it will happen, but when it will happen. But with all the elements here in place you should be prepared to face these adversities head on.


I did not say this was going to be an easy process, and both the Hotel and the employees have to make some sacrifices to achieve your Hotels goals.

Rinse – Repeat

When your Hotel is in a change process it important that you go through the Rinse and Repeat process with your employees. Then you can evaluate, and see what really need to be changed.

If you get your employees on-board you might be really surprised and discover that they actually are pulling in the same direction as you.

Most of the conflicts often occurs when there is a discrepancy managements goals versus employees actions towards these goals. And often it is as simple as the employees has not been educated on the Hotel goals.

What have your Hotel done to involve employees in the goal setting process for the Hotel?