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You know that good customer service is the reason you keep and cultivate your regular and new customers. And you probably also know that bad customer service is a top reason for losing those same people. So how do you work through any issues in your customer service department and build a better approach to taking care of your business?

For starters, how much do you promote customer service as a part of your day-to-day business culture?

You should. To help, work on tracking your Social Media service metrics. How often do your representatives churn—and how does that reflect your management practices?

As I was reading some new books I just received from my friend Jerry Cullymore, General Manager at Double J Development, LLC I was reminded of some very important Customer Experience principles.

1. Customer service is an attitude not and department

Today’s most sought-after customers are both mobile and social. With over 1.5 billion Facebook users, 1 billion Facebook Messenger users, 400 million Instagram users, and 300 million Twitter users, it is no wonder why brands have stepped up their social presence and begun to engage consumers across these platforms.

The customer is shifting towards Social channels for care because it has become so easy to use. And a large portion of customer now prefers new channels like Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter to communicate with brands over traditional channels like phone and email.

And new trends indicate that customers that receive a personalized response from a brand would strengthen their brand loyalty.

Millennials are the largest and most adaptive segment that utilize Social Media service.

And the biggest challenge here is that is that use Social Media customer service anticipate a timely response in the same medium.

The biggest opportunities here lay in implementing new innovative programs for Hotels that emphasize employee empowerment and happiness.

Improving your Hotels culture is worth the effort. Taking the time to create a company-wide customer service culture means that each employee will be more engaged, and that means:

Higher productivity: Happy employees are 12 percent more productive.

Lower turnover rates:

  • Entry-level employees cost from 30 to 50 percent of their annual salary to replace
  • Mid-level employees cost even more—around 150 percent
  • To replace high-level or highly specialized employees, it’s around 400 percent
  • Greater customer loyalty: Higher employee engagement results in twice as much customer loyalty
  • Your bottom line: Finding new customers is five to 25 times more expensive than retaining current ones

(Source: Salesforce)

2. You win customers one at a time lose them a thousand at a time

With Social Media, this is a principle that can happen fast if Hotels don’t take the time to develop a new culture that reflects and responds to new shifts in customer’s behavior.

Data and research have shown that it cost between 4 and 10 times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.

Repeat customers also have shown to spend 67% more on average than a new customer.

There are several opportunities for Hotels that take the time to build a new culture around employee empowerment and happiness and implement proper and timely response strategies.

New innovative retention strategies will become more cost effective, and it will generate a new shift where the repeat customer is the ones that bring in the new customers.

This is just a few ways to think about customer service; this graphic can help even more.

Do You Know How to Improve Customer Service Infographic

(Source: Salesforce)

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